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    Vegans/vegetarians how do you deal with criticism?

    Hi are there any vegans or vegetarians here? I am vegetarian (almost vegan but not completely vegan either so something in between and a very healthy one) and I really struggle with people being very mean and negative about it, especially someone in my OH's family I feel like I constantly have...
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    Stag night and strippers?

    Hi girls My fiance is going to a stag night and needs to be away for 3 days as its far away in another state. I will be at home obviously on my own and I am recently pregnant and feeling very vulnerable. My issue is that there will most likely be strippers there as we are in australia and its...
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    Stay or go

    hi girls need some advice!! ive been in a relationship for 4 years with someone who's career has been very volatile. Fistly he kept leaving jobs/changing jobs all the time and when i said it has to stop or else i cant take it he then put together his own business. He has now done that for a...
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    East London Beauty Academy?

    hello has anyone done courses at this academy, especially in regards to NVQ I would be interested to hear any experiences please? Thanks!