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  1. kirsty_

    Hairdresser Wanted

    Busy salon looking for a hairdresser on a self employed basis to rent a space, must have own client base.
  2. kirsty_

    Universal contour wrap on men - HELP!!

    Hi all, i've got a man booked in for a contour wrap next saturday, really worried cause never done on a man before, done lots on women but no men. can anyone help? how is he wrapping process adapted for men? thanks geeks :)
  3. kirsty_

    Looking for treatment room to rent North West

    Hi there, we are based in Chester if that is of any interest? Take a look at our website - thanks
  4. kirsty_

    Self Employed Hairdresser Wanted

    Upmarket beauty salon in Chester looking to get a hairdressing service within the salon. Looking for someone who wants to be self employed, with their own existing client base. Initial outlay would be required to set up hair stations etc however this is a fabulous opportunity to join a...
  5. kirsty_

    Why dont I tan?

    i'm scared!!!!!!!!!!! lol.....only joking, had heavy night on the alcohol last night so been suffering all day, only just feeling human enough to look at the computer!! ha ha tigi next time i am over your way i will let u know and you can experiment away!! x will def try a dha moisturiser...
  6. kirsty_

    Why dont I tan?

    1) no 2) no 3) no, plenty of 4) i spray myself as much as i can and my partner does the bits i can't reach not much help sorry..... takes on my face and chest lovely, its just my arms mainly, my legs dont tan on holiday so that doesnt surprise me so much. maybe i will get...
  7. kirsty_

    Why dont I tan?

    i just use whatever is around, varies from stuff i may have got in an xmas set or old body shop stuff. might try some new and see if that makes a difference. will do a tan on myself tomorrow without exf and moist just to see what happens and take it from there. thanks for ur ideas x
  8. kirsty_

    Why dont I tan?

    i always exfoliate and moisturise the night before just like i tell my clients to, then just spray away, get my other half to help spray me but can see that it is going on ok as the guide colour is there. even spray my arms twice to try and make same colour. i must have wierd skin on my arms...
  9. kirsty_

    Which spray tan machine shall i buy???

    i use the t200 true spray and its fab, i'm still quite new to spray tanning and i find it so easy to use. great pressure, no overspray and v easy to set up. HTH
  10. kirsty_

    Why dont I tan?

    wierd question - i use sienna x on my clients and it is fab, goes a lovely colour on them but when its on me it just doesnt take. Anyone know why this might be? It goes ok on my face and chest but arms and legs just dont really change colour. using the 12% aswell......any ideas? cheers peeps x
  11. kirsty_

    Your thoughts on this offer

    hi guys, have seen a full epos system on ebay for £750 - thats for keyboard, mouse, screen, barcode scanner, till drawer, receipt printer and the salon software, Salon Advance. I questioned where its from etc and basically she said its from salon, approx 3yrs old and they no longer need as...
  12. kirsty_

    Minx at Nails Inc

    ok so i might be alone here in thinking this but i am really annoyed about all the press surrounding the launch of minx at nails inc/debenhams. all the press articles are saying there are only 3 designs available and that its exclusive to them. its been in daily mail, cosmo, to name...
  13. kirsty_

    Overspraying my tan

    i have the same machine as you and as colin said i think you need to turn the gun down. i have no problems at all with overspray. you need to test on a piece of couch roll and when you find you perfect gun position, mark it with varnish/marker pen and hey presto, all sorted x
  14. kirsty_

    Business Question???

    hi all - just thought i would update this post to let you know that we have gone for the shop and offer accepted, we managed to get 4 months rent free to start so thats a massive help and will give me the chance to get started etc. I took on board all the comments however decided that it is a...
  15. kirsty_

    Need a Minx Geek in Manchester?!

    I am based near Chester and do Minx, is that any use?
  16. kirsty_

    Infra lamp for Minx is it red????

    sweet squared used to supply them with red bulbs however about 6 months ago they changed to clear bulb i believe, i have clear bulb too, not sure i'd like the red!! would be a bit 'beam me up scotty'!! lol x
  17. kirsty_

    Minx questions....

    hiya, i dont do mobile so cant help with carrying sorry, have taken it to a friends once and it was a little awkward but i guess you could get a holdall to keep it in? as for the heat, i tend to have it on about half way. you can tell when its too hot cause clients feet start to go red!! i...
  18. kirsty_

    models for CND training

    there is a site called salon guinea pig that has been set up by ruth mills on here, if you go onto that you will find people in the manchester area that may be willing to be your model, hth's xx
  19. kirsty_

    thanks for the friend request, the nails in ur pics look fab, hope i can do them that well one...

    thanks for the friend request, the nails in ur pics look fab, hope i can do them that well one day xx
  20. kirsty_

    Help, client complaint

    i would ask the client to come back so you can see exactly what she isnt happy with. say u will be happy to file shorter and change the colour of the polish, bit of a cheek if you ask me that she text you!! some people just try anything on to get money back. at the end of the day if they dont...