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  1. jeanettes

    IHM-seated or lying down

    Forgive me if this is the wrong place - didn't know where else to ask it. Do your clients prefer their Indian Head Massage seated or lying down? All replies appreciated. JES x
  2. jeanettes

    IHM-seated or lying down

  3. jeanettes

    Retention + Powders make a great difference

    Just wanted to post in case it helps anyone else - I'm finding the Retention + "powders" really workable and worth investing in. JES x
  4. jeanettes

    Minx AND Brow Wax £11

    Hi ladies, Groupon are offering Minx and Brow Wax for £11.00. Am I missing something here - how can there possibly be any profit in that? Am I misunderstanding the figures or is someone working for nothing, doing hours of Groupon work for maybe even a loss (regardless of the time and rent etc to...
  5. jeanettes

    5 layers of Shellac or Gelish for strength?

    Hi, I was recently talking to someone who does a 5 layer (3 colour) BioSculpture for strength and I wondered if this was feasible with Shellac or Gelish? How many of you add the extra layer of colour for strength please - and does it work or chip too much? Hope to get some replies. Thanks...
  6. jeanettes

    Has anyone come across Rock Star Nails just popping off?

    Hi, I am loving the Rock Star Nails, using Shellac, but have come across them popping clean off after a few days> Can anyone help please, I do as per Shellac/Rock Star procedure - is this something that happens with this service? JES :rolleyes:
  7. jeanettes

    Union Jack Minx for the Royal Wedding?

    Anyone doing the Union Jack Minx for the street parties - if so, how are you promoting it please? I need ideas. Jes x
  8. jeanettes

    Do you prefer to use Lava Shells, Stones or Hands for your massages

    Hi, Thinking of doing Lava Shells (have exprerienced the treatment and enjoyed it) but am thinking from a therapist point of view as to whether it is as or more enjoyable for you to do? JES
  9. jeanettes

    Anyone use Hair V Go technology for waxing

    Does anyone have any experience/knowledge of Hair V Go as per editorial in this month's Vitality BABTAC magazine please? JES
  10. jeanettes

    6 years to achieve "I quite" like

    Just had to post - After 6 years of nails I have today finally done a pink and white powder backfill which "I quite" like! lol. Still don't think I'm "there" yet tho.
  11. jeanettes

    Is a TC2000 compressor easy to use for tanning?

    Hi, My current spray tanning equipment is very basic and I don't have to mess about with gauges/air pressure. I have the opportunity of a TC2000 compressor (without training) and wonder if you think I will be able to handle it? Can anyone give me any advice please? Thank you Jes x
  12. jeanettes

    Gravity feed cup for tanning?

    Hi, I am needing to update my spray tanning equipment and I have the opportunity of an Asturo high speed spray gun with 75ml gravity feed colour cup? My current cup is a bottom connector (not literally lol) and I wondered if any of you out there prefer one or the other please? Thanks Jes x
  13. jeanettes

    TC5000 compressor & Asturo high speed spray gun

    Hi. Anyone knowledge, used or use the above - I have the opportunity of buying it and would appreciate any help? Info on them as below: This TC5000 compressor from Simair has all the same attributes as the TC2000 but has the added feature of a 2.5 litre air tank This is the same compressor...
  14. jeanettes

    S1000 Spray Tan Extractor 3 Panel

    Hi, I have the chance of buying this unit second hand and wonder if anyone has knowledge, has used or is using it please? Description is as follows:- This professional spray tan extractor system and stand is manufactured in the UK is designed as a salon based unit. It not only provides a...
  15. jeanettes

    Semi permanent make-up day rates

    Hi. There may be a possibility of a semi-permanent make-up artist renting a room off me one/two day(s) a month but I have no idea what to charge as I do general beauty, nothing specialised like these people. Can anyone give me any advice on how they operate when they travel to different rooms...
  16. jeanettes

    What do you let your Saturday girl do please?

    Hi, Any advice appreciated on how you get your saturday girl to help (14 years of age). Are you insured separately, can she have basic in-house training please? I have a really eager 14 year old in mind - she lives and breathes make-up, nail painting, etc. and I feel her enthusiasm would be...
  17. jeanettes

    room kitted out

    I have a room kitted out with couch and nail station and looking for someone interested in sub-contracting (Business Link have said this is the best way to go as unable to sub-let). Just wondered what kind of interest is out there? Maybe trainee, newbie or qualified, part time to start...
  18. jeanettes

    Shellac v Gellish

    My Minx poster has Minx flying out the shop - my question is which has the better marketing, Shellac or Gellish?
  19. jeanettes

    Thinking of a Saturday girl - any advice appreciated

    Hi, I am beginning to think of taking on a Saturday girl and don't know how to go about it. Anyone out there who can give me some advice? I have had to turn people away the past few weeks (have been renting a room for 5 years, in the business for 8), am tending to do silly hours to keep up...