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  1. staceymackey

    Stingy Easter.. am I being mean?

    So last year my son ate chocolate for 2 months straight following Easter. I hardy gave him anything, because of all of the eggs he recieved from extended family. It was crazy, $100's of dollars in chocolate for a two year old! Lovely and kind, but crazy. This year I made the call early - if...
  2. staceymackey

    LVL in Australia?

    I've heard a lot of positive things about this treatment... I really want to try on myself. Is there anything comparable in Australia? I have tried lash perming with rods, but have read the results of lvl are better.
  3. staceymackey

    Complaining with my feet!

    Warning, rant ahead. Two days ago I flicked on my wax pot (two months old), to have the button spark, fly out at me, smoke and singe my fingertip black. Luckily nothing worse then that happened, if you discount my mother's now hairy legs. No issue though, I contacted company where I...
  4. staceymackey

    Nail won't regrow... Any advice please?

    Hi everyone, I'm a skin geek, so cannot help my Mum myself. Thirty-five years ago she slammed her finger in car door. It has never regrown. I have just recommended shellac after seeing her polish, but she is embarrassed about her nail. Could anyone offer any ideas as to what a nail tech...
  5. staceymackey

    First full male body wax, very hairy

    So I have my first full male body wax tomorrow. I'm nervous for him! He has very long and thick hair. He is a first time waxee! Any advice that might make things easier for either of us? I was going to start from the feet up... What do you think? Thanks everyone in advance!
  6. staceymackey

    Anyone tried 'The Kind Diet' or live Vegan?

    Hi guys, As title asks, has anyone here tried 'the kind diet' authored by Alicia Silverstone? Or practise being a vegan and/or vegetarian? I have slowly, without any real thought, been phasing different foods out of my life - but not completely. I haven't experienced any improvements in my...
  7. staceymackey

    What Shellac for OPI Melon of Troy?

    Hi guys, My favorite polish colour is opi's melon of Troy. What shellac would you recommend to get a close colour match. Too hard to tell on computer screen! Thanks!
  8. staceymackey

    Providing CND SpaManicure / SpaPedicure to men?

    Hi Geeks, I am mobile and am going to be providing waxing services for men. HOWEVER I am also qualified in manicure/pedicure services. I have the CND Spa treatments which I LOVE.. but I'm not sure how many men would go for them? Do many of you have 'everyday blokes' who look after their...
  9. staceymackey

    TPTW Are you part of the elite 20%, and how do I join you?

    If you enjoy reading and are interested in business then you probably know what I mean when I say I've been eating alot of ugly frogs and thinking of FISH! .... anywho, whilst reading I came across an observation that made me sit up - the 80/20 rule. Not a new idea, but one that when applied...
  10. staceymackey

    Male waxing specialist website... feedback please??

    Hi everyone! I would really appreciate anyone taking the time to have a look at my website and offering their thoughts. As I would like to specialise in waxing for men, I have tried to aim my site towards the guys. I struggled to be honest. Any feedback would be appreciated. I have not...
  11. staceymackey

    Do things always seem to go pear shaped for you?

    Well, they do for me! I was set to start operating my mobile business early 2012, and have just discovered my license will be suspended for the first three months of next year! (all due to speeding fines in the past two months - Yes, people who speed really annoy me too, I was having trouble...
  12. staceymackey

    Costing treatment: CND SpaPedicure and SpaManicure

    Hi Geeks! Could anybody using CND SpaPedicure and SpaManicure help me out here please? I have found an introductory pack for CND Spa products, but would like an idea of how profitable this treatment is before purchasing. Could you give me an idea as to how many treatments I would be able to...
  13. staceymackey

    Male facial waxing... Help please!

    I just had a friend here for facial waxing. Started with nostrils. No problem, he was really happy. But when doing his beard I got four strips off and he stopped. Looked terrible. He would stop between each strip and hold back tears! Getting the strip was the worst part. I tried to...
  14. staceymackey

    Male facial waxing... Help please!

  15. staceymackey

    I know nothing about hair, but know I need a change. Help please?!

    Hi there, Not sure if this is the right place to post this but I need some help. My hair is boring!! I have had more or less the same style cut for five years. Only the length differing. Sidepart, fringe cut on angle, always straightened with iron. Some shade of brown. Very neutral. I...
  16. staceymackey

    Appointment book at start up

    Hi hi! I realize nobody can tell me how many bookings I'll have my first week/month... But I will be working tues - friday. 8:30 to 5:30. I am working my numbers on 4 appointments per day. Is this optimistic? Would anybody be willing to share on their first month? How many appointments did...
  17. staceymackey

    Mobile therapist safety

    Hey geeks, The thought of going mobile is exciting but must admit to slight niggle re safety. Wanted to share for anyone who hasn't heard but iPhones have find my friend apps, which allow you to add friends via email and have them be able to locate you, with map displayed. Great idea I think...
  18. staceymackey

    In planning stages of mobile business setup... am I at the right end of the pool?

    Hi there, Posting this I feel a little crazy (and wish I hadn't used my name when setting up my account all those years ago), but after much lurking and vague whimsical dreams of having my own business ripping the hair from strangers I've decided to do it. I have no pervious beauty therapy...