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    Lash lift vs eyelash perming

    Regarding shield/rod & size ..... Very short lashes = small shield Short / medium = small/ medium shield Medium/long = medium shield or medium/large rod Long = large rod This is a rough guide that I find works quite well

    Lash lift vs eyelash perming

    I have elleebana & Lashus. Elleebana is quick - but strong - so be careful with your timing..... LASHUS is definitely my preferred when dealing with more fragile lashes as its strength diminishes, so the chances of over developing are removed I have also used Ellisons ‘Mylash’ and had great...

    Lash lift vs eyelash perming

    Both are ‘perming’! The end result differs depending on the medium used to wrap the lash around. Curling the lashes is the old way - lifting the new! Nowadays a ‘shield’ is used to wrap the lashes around, and the perm lotion is placed at the root to create a bend at the base, enabling the...

    Worried about ageing!

    Non of us should think ourselves so special that we are entitled to ‘Eternal Youth..... just Enjoy the journey.......


    The problem we all have in this industry is saturation. Folk wanting ‘cheap as chips’ Minimum wage..... yes I said it! Back in the day our wages were sh*t - but our commission / our ‘incentive’ was HIGH! We worked our arses off to please the client to keep them coming back to us - to ‘our salon’...

    Set up in bedroom for lashes & brows?

    Neither courses are ‘cheap as chips’ You cannot expect folk to pay top dollar to have their treatment carried out in someone’s bedroom Sorry to be blunt - but friends and family will expect to be paying ‘mates rates’ and you will find it hard to recoup your training costs- let alone make a...

    Lashus step by step

    No different to the steps of other brands The main difference is usually timings LASHUS say you cannot over process there product

    Lash lift shape


    Cashmere or Mink lashes

    I think you’ll find there’s no such thing as real mink! It’s just a different ‘weight’ I think ‘cashmere’ are considered softer
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    What percentage is fair for renting a room?

    25% for renting a room is mental! What if your takings are low..... The salon owner- imo- should set a daily room rent.... If you decide not to work - they get nothing!
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    Beauty chair or beauty bed?

    Don’t by a chair! I did , and they never recline enough to Comfortably carry out a lash lift
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    Client wants refund

    I had a client who let her husband (not a hairdresser) colour her hair. She did however push the boat out for her wedding and ‘allowed’ me to do the colour - lucky me! Next time round - you guessed it - hubby had decided to FULL HEAD FOIL via a YouTube tutorial!!! It was as a mess “How much...
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    How to get clients in south east London spray tanning?

    Flooded market .....also there are such good home products, it’s no longer necessary to get a spray tan
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    Self employed staff member caught complaining about owner

    I cannot see the benefit of self employment within a salon. As has been said many times before - you are just their landlord - the rent collector! The amount you receive for a daily chair rental versus the sh*t you often end up in is a no- goer for me! I work alone, with just an assistant, good...
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    Entertainment licence for nails!

    Just to add - it’s nothing to do with the actual services you offer - that will be another license all together
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    Entertainment licence for nails!

    You need an entertainment licence if you are playing music in your salon, it’s to do with royalties for the performers It’s around £150 for the year
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    Make up brand suggestions

    Jane iredale
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    I got let go

    Chin up - onwards & upwards.... We all made mistakes - and if we’re honest - still do on the odd occasion Keep going - practice makes perfect
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    Lash extensions/spray tan

    Thank you
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    Lash extensions/spray tan

    Hi Folks What should be done first Lash extensions then a spray tan - or the other way round?