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    Mini mani & pedi

    Hi geeks, I am thinking of offering a summer package of mini facial, mini manicure and mini pedicure. What do you think constitutes a mini nail treatment. I don't want to to just offer a file and polish but would you do a soak and scrub then file and polish or soak and cuticle work then file and...
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    New Start what to do?

    Hello Geeks, just a bit of advice please. Until recently I used to rent a beauty room, I was there for about 18 years, and anyway long story short I have now left and doing mobile. I have had lots of tips etc on here for making life easier as regard to light couches and portable equipment...
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    Call out charge?

    Hi Geeks, Just wanted a bit of information on mobile work. I have been renting a room for a number of years as well as doing a bit of mobile work. Sadly the premises that I rent from is closing down and I will have to leave. So I will have decided to go mobile from now on. My question is, do...
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    patch test?

    Ok I'm feeling a little bored, but on the subject of patch testing. We all know that we should do it on new clients and on regular clients with new products. But was just wondering why do we do it on the inside arm and behind the ear, is it so that it is less likely to come into contact with...
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    Eye Glasses?

    Hi does anyone know what those glasses are called that you wear when doing skin inspection, or applying false lash extensions.They look like big industrial things with a light on the front. The reason I ask is because I'm thinking of doing electrolysis mobile and thought that it might to easier...
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    Mobile Geeks

    Hi there, This is a question for all you mobile geeks, how do you transport all the things you need for your facial, nails and waxing treatments. Was wondering if the best way was the stacking curver boxes or the stacking vanity trolleys. As am finding it hard going what with the couch and...
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    mobile help please

    Hi Geeks, I haven't been on here for while so was wondering if you could help me. I normally work form a rented room but the building where I work is closed for a while they are doing some maintenance work there. So I need to do some mobile work, and while some of my clients are happy to have...
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    Emails to clients

    can anyone help please, I am trying to send emails to my clients about special offers, news etc. I make these up in publisher but when I send them from my hotmail account they have to go as an attachment but I wanted to know if I can send them so that the page opens automatically and not as an...
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    Please please help! licence

    Does anyone know anything about special licences for beauty treatments. I have been renting a room doing beauty treatments,for years and years (nearly 17) and I have just found that I may have to have this licence. I already have a licence to carry out electrolysis. I have also been told that...
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    Marketing question

    Hi geeks I hope you can help, I am in the process of updating my stationery so that I can have a bit of marketing push. I have designed some new gift vouchers and client referral cards but I can't seem to find anywhere that does just the blank cards so that I can print them off myself. Does...
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    Can anyone out there advise me I have just been reading in the latest Scratch magazine about something called 'Minx', I don't know anything about this. Is it just another polish or is it a different system for enhancements. I just do natural manicures, anyone know of this product, thanks...
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    Waxing with KIm

    Hi Geeks, Just wanted to let you now that today I had my intimate wax training with Kim and it was great. Kim made myself and my model (who be the way was an absolute star) feel very relaxed about the whole thing. I have been waxing for many years but still felt like a complete beginner when...
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    Excel - Perron Rigot

    Hi Geeks, Just got back from excel and went and saw Kim and Andy and bought some strip wax and hard wax. Can't wait to try it, also bought a new pot and spent loads on the Jessica stand. Oh my god I hope March is busier than Feb!:)
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    Help - Waxing Model needed.

    Can anyone help please, I'm booked to do an intimate waxing course with Kim on Monday 17th March and not sure if my model can make it now.. Is anyone interested, if so please let me know, thanks alot.:)
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    Waxing model needed please, Monday 17th March

    Hi There Geeks, I'm booked to do intimate wax course with Kim on Monday 17th March and was wondering if any of you would be available to be my model, any takers please? Regards Andi.
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    Web site design

    Hi there Geeks, As so many of you have your own web sites I was just wondering how easy is it to do yourself or would you say it would be better to get someone to do it for you. Many thanks.
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    french manicure

    Hi Geeks, Just wanted your help, I am a beauty therapist so just do manis and pedi but I don't do French manicures. How do you get the white tip straight also do you put on a base coat first just not, please help, thanks andi.:cry:
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    Stay put or go mobile

    Hello There Geeks, I'm new to this site which I must say I love because of all the info given and shared. Here's my problem I am a beauty therapist and have been for nearly twenty years, most of that time I have been located in a sports centre which was run by the local council. A few years...