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  1. staceymackey

    Problem with Berins Ease

    If you are having trouble with both PR and berins, two of the best waxes on the market I'd suggest contacting the distributors. Obviously you are well trained in the wax you come from, so no slight intended. Just that these two products are tried and proven. The Distributors will be more than...
  2. staceymackey

    Quick Brazillian video on YouTube from Lori Nestore

    Lori made comment in the video that she did do smaller sections based on the model's hair.
  3. staceymackey

    A day a week doing nails in hairdressers OMG!!

    Am I the only one who finds basins VERY uncomfortable after a little while?? I've had waxing and tinting done at a basin before and my back and neck were killing me. Is there enough room for a screened off table?
  4. staceymackey

    New salon owners, how is it for you?

    I just read your previous thread that I missed, which has a bit more info about your situation. It sounds as if you are questioning the space yourself? What drew you to it initially?
  5. staceymackey

    Absolutely fuming

    In probably going to get shot down, but as her parents I'd put a stop to it but be a little bit proud. I would liken it to a lemonade stand. Yes I agree she should not be charging if not registered or distributing alcohol. I can imagine it being the back story to a very successful...
  6. staceymackey

    Difference between Bluesky Shellac and CND Shellac?

    This does not clear anything up, in fact it confuses the issue greatly. Your information is incorrect. Have you read this entire thread?
  7. staceymackey

    Dog-eared flip flops....

    Could not agree with the above more. I would replace, and give a voucher for small complimentary treatment with next visit. No questions. Along with sincere apology.
  8. staceymackey


    Edit: rethink
  9. staceymackey

    Will this post be acknowledged...

    Ohh I forgot another reason: - Threads deteriorate into squabbles when we read something that was not being said, and most geeks then choose to ignore the entire thread. x
  10. staceymackey

    Will this post be acknowledged...

    In my experience posts that get fewer responses: - are posted on weekend or strange hours when fewer people are online, getting bumped onto next page. - don't have a clear question or are more of a statement. - are asking a question that has only just been asked within the previous day and...
  11. staceymackey

    Waxing problems

    Whichever premium wax you choose, you will be able to purchase an entire system, including pre-wax, post-wax and home care products. X
  12. staceymackey


    This is not true. Edit: oops missed your reply geeg... Side note, you should consider dropping in on Brisbane!
  13. staceymackey


    Just wondering if anybody here has tracked their retail figures? Many seem concerned about loss of exclusive retailing benefits, which I can understand... But have you looked at your numbers to know WHAT effect it is having (if any)? By increasing brand recognition you should find that more...
  14. staceymackey

    Waxing problems

    In one of my training classes we used a not so great honey wax with powder. Very cold day, dry knees and ankles, so had similar problems. I was shown to switch to a calico strip and remove in various directions (as opposed to directly against the hair) until wax lifted. This was extremely...
  15. staceymackey

    What are you listening to?

    When I'm running this song always gives me a second wind- Filo & Peri feat. Audrey Gallagher - This Night Current playlist Matt corby - brother Ed Sheeran - the a team Placebo - running up that hill Eskimo joe - Sarah...
  16. staceymackey

    Weird lady and potential thief

    She sounds like a bully, try not to let her intimidate you! Agree with above, simply never having an appointment could work. Normally I would suggest the honest, direct upfront route, but there are some unstable people around, and she sounds like one. Only you can judge if she is the...
  17. staceymackey

    Make up! Need your opinion please!

    Checkout celebrity makeup artist Lisa Eldridge on YouTube and at her website She does some great tutorials. X
  18. staceymackey

    Misuse of Scissors!

    I cannot help you with tools sorry, but I do have a little trick that helps me feel better. Underwater screaming. Try it, it truly works.
  19. staceymackey

    Stingy Easter.. am I being mean?

    Not quite as creative as a crystal tree, but we tried. Next year maybe! Happy Easter geeks! Xx
  20. staceymackey

    Unqualified tech trying to take clients

    Her pricing seems a little crazy, however some choose to charge inline with their skill ;) Just keep in mind with all of the short courses etc it is impossible to know if somebody is unqualified without them telling you so! Reporting her for not reporting income based on an assumption is...