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    You may want to post this in the Skin forum to get more responses. This is just your profile so...

    You may want to post this in the Skin forum to get more responses. This is just your profile so less visible.
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    Advice for Shellac, please

    Flakes? Is this from the removal process? Cleaning up, orange wood stick works great for me, but try to avoid skin exposure if possible. And no, Shellac doesn't require buffing the natural nail. Hope that helps!
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    Gel polish brands?

    The most important way to prevent problems is education. Whatever brand you choose, look into the education and support they have to offer. Otherwise you may not maximise your investment. Best of luck!
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    Combo UV/LED lamps

    It is so frustrating that this is still the most misunderstood fact in the industry. Thanks for your detailed answer!
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    Anyone heard of SNS

    This thread is 18 months old, you just joined and 100% of comments are on SNS posts?
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    “Care about what other people think and you will always be their prisoner.”—Lao Tzu

    “Care about what other people think and you will always be their prisoner.”—Lao Tzu
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    Booth rent or commission

    Commission salons are where you need to be to develop your skill, confidence and client interaction (and still make money). In short, commission is for when the salons bring in the customers. Booth rent is when YOU bring in the customers. And love Haircutz comments. She is spot on. Best of...
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    Salon or spa?

    Been in many a "spas" that should have been "salons" and vice-a-versa. I would think it comes down to the treatments you prefer doing and the type of customer you enjoy taking care of.
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    SNS question

    SNS is a brand name . Many, many other brands do the same system with very little variance in the technology between them. Nail Alliance do it for their brands (Gelish, Artistic, Entity). Pretty sure most wholesalers do it too (e.g. Sallys/Salon Services).
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    Salon name help needed

    Love Salon 62. Clients will have a hard time rembering ameliorer. Best thing about Salon 62? It says what business you are in the name... and where you are at! Names don't have to be meaningful or fancy. They have to be memorable. What you do IN your business is what will make it memorable...
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    Removing Gelish difficult

    As @cheekychick mentioned, you really need to manually debulk to facilitate faster removal on most gel polish lines.
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    Backscratchers discontinuing, help needed with new dipping system

    SNS is pretty popular, but there are many alternatives. Nail Alliance (Gelish, Artistic, Entity) have versions. Most tip and dips don't vary in tech much. HTHs!
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    Can’t find stickies ?

    Stickies were unstuck during upgrade (a lot of really old, infrequently accessed threads there). Just do a search. We should maybe have a "Useful links" thread stuck that links to all these classics?
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    Nail training in the UK?

    Both links do all of the above :)
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    Gel nails lasting different times?

    We've all been there Alanya! It certainly CAN be our fault but that doesn't mean that is the default position. If you are working to the system (e.g. manufacturers prep and lamp) and most of your clients have good wear, then maybe it is their nails that require a different approach. Unhealthy...
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    GDPR joke

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    Gel nails lasting different times?

    Most likely down to the condition of the natural nail. The thinner and/or more damaged the natural nail is, the more likely it is to wear poorly. Another point to mention is lifestyle. e.g. someone who types for a living is going to have more edge chipping than someone that doesn't. If that...
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    Nail training in the UK?

    Is there anything in particular you are interested in? Here are some Edinburgh courses coming up and some London ones. HTHs!
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    Question about nail tech students

    You'll really need to check with state law. Check into a local apprenticeship program.
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    SNS dipping system

    Personally not aware of any training courses (maybe some other geek can chime in). Think there is plenty on YouTube though.