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  1. Blue Rose

    Manicure and pedicure products?

    I make my own products and have a range I call SPAfternoon Tea, where all the 'flavours' are inspired by the traditional Afternoon Tea. You can choose from: Cucumber Sandwiches, Lemon Drizzle, Eton Mess, Victoria Sponge & Chocolate Orange Truffle. It's easy to set up a beautiful looking 'ritual...
  2. Blue Rose

    Where can I buy chocolate hand and foot soak

    Oooh, it's ages seen I've been on here so it's lovely to get a mention :-) I do indeed do a comprehensive range of Chocolate products. I can make a Fizzing Hand & Foot Soak (have done in the past but have taken it off the website for now). There's also Scrubs, Masks, Massage Oils & Butters etc...
  3. Blue Rose

    Home made face packs

    I make a Chocolate Face Mask which is really popular with therapists to use in children's pamper parties. It comes in powder form & can be mixed with any sort of liquid of your choice eg water; hydrosol; mashed fruit; yoghurt; honey. There's info on my website Cognito Skincare :-)
  4. Blue Rose

    Retail prices for new skin care range

    Have you worked out who your target market is for the products? Are they salon clients (if you already have a salon) or are you looking for a different clientele? I'm in the midst of launching a luxury range of Cocoa Lip Balms & the pricing has been the hardest part for me too. However I...
  5. Blue Rose

    Treatments for Wimbledon?

    I've sent out a load of Strawberry products this week to play on the Strawberries & Cream theme that Wimbledon is also synonymous with. When I had my salon we did LOADS of the Strawberry themed treatments :-)
  6. Blue Rose

    All That Jazz

    I've come across this review on Facebook about the Cuticle Oil....All That Jazz Cuticle Oil – “Water in The Sahara Desert” I have a few of the nail polishes & love how they dry so quickly so no more smudged nails for me. I'm currently wearing the colour match for Gelish's...
  7. Blue Rose

    Clients arriving really early

    I don't see many clients these days & most of them are on time so I don't really get inconvenienced. However, a few months ago, 1 client got her appointment time wrong & was 30 mins early. I had another client due in so told her she'd have to wait in her car. My next client was only for an...
  8. Blue Rose

    Which pedicure range?

    I've tried all 3 of their flavours & while I quite like the Captivate, I can't decide whether I love the Chocolate Orange or the Apple & Cucumber more. I think though for Summer the Apple & Cucumber is more suitable
  9. Blue Rose

    Picture thread for manicure bowl ideas or spa tray set up

    This is how my friend Ceri/mizzy_dizzy set up her ritual tray.
  10. Blue Rose


    I'm on 10mg a night for nerve pain. When I first started taking it I got the dry mouth but now I've been on it for over a year don't really get that anymore. Haven't had any weight gain from it either. I have gained weight but that's down to me eating too much & not doing enough exercise lol...
  11. Blue Rose

    Made a true friend through Salongeek!

    I've made friends with several people on facebook who I vaguely knew through salongeek. I'm in several groups now on fb but there's 1 in particular with a great bunch of people in - we're all as mad as each other at times but it's me who seems to be the source of the madness atm lol
  12. Blue Rose

    Body exfoliation?

    Body Scrubs are one of my best sellers at Cognito Skincare. I've formulated the product so that instead of just using liquid oils which means the bits go flying off everywhere making a right mess, my scrub 'stays together' in use & remains semi solid at room temperature (unless you're keeping...
  13. Blue Rose

    Body masks and scrubs

    You can usually use mitts to remove scrubs & masks
  14. Blue Rose

    Chocolate facial products

    Chocolate! My favourite topic of conversation :biggrin: Thank you to the geeks who have mentioned me. I do indeed do a range of chocolate face & body products. There's the The Cupcake Collection - Chocolate Massage Therapy The 100% pure cocoa that is used in all our chocolate massage...
  15. Blue Rose

    Making your own products

    I've recently created a Private Label product range for a major company in the industry :green: You can message me on my facebook page for further info if this is something you'd be interested in :)
  16. Blue Rose

    Donating hair to The Little Princess Trust

    So proud of my daughter Isabella. After months of refusing to get her cut, even rejecting a monetry bribe from my Mum, she finally relented after I mentioned about hair donation. I read about it on here & mentioned it as an option. After thinking about it, Isabella was happy to go ahead &...
  17. Blue Rose

    RIP Nelson Mandela

    My 11 year old daughter has been learning all about South Africa & more so Nelson Mandela this term & only yesterday they had their class assembly to tell us what they'd learnt about him. (Their class is even called Mandela, instead of Year 5/6 now) At the end they sang the Freeee Nelson...
  18. Blue Rose

    Nut free stock

    All That Jazz (sister company to Nail Harmony) have a nut oil free cuticle oil. In fact, none of the products have almond oil in. They come in 3 delicious fragrances too which is an added bonus :)
  19. Blue Rose

    What's the "next big thing" for 2014?

    Do I vaguely remember it being mentioned before that it's all to do with the wrapping how Shrinking Violet works? If that's the case, then how on Earth could spraying the solution on have ANY effect at all in fat/inch loss? And if it IS sculpting & contouring with the tan solution, well...
  20. Blue Rose

    Free to roam between therapists policy

    If clients get used to coming to the salon regardless of who they see it can only be a good thing long term for your business. How many have suffered when a popular member of staff has left? How many clients suddenly cancel? If your therapists are equally as good as each other it shouldn't...