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  1. hellishbellish

    Would you recommend a diamond microdermabrasion machine?

    As the title suggests, would you recommend this treatment? I'm looking at an ex demo one of £800 and I'm wondering whether to take up the offer, but I'm wondering if you guys would recommend it? Thanks in advance.
  2. hellishbellish

    What do you put your CACI on?

    Hi guys, I am in the process of purchasing a CACI Ultra machine, and am trying to find something to accommodate its vast size in the way of a trolley! What do you put yours on, as my current standard size trolley is a bit too small. I saw that there are specific CACI trolleys available but they...
  3. hellishbellish

    Opinions please - CACI or Genie?

    Hi all, I am after opinions on what non surgical face lift machine to go for out of CACI or Genie... I was going to go for CACI but some competitors use Genie and after doing some research although CACI are the market leader, Genie apparently work much better?? As far as I am aware Genie uses...
  4. hellishbellish

    Removing fluffy bits after filing

    Hi geeks, I've tried finding the answer to this on the search engine but can't seem to bring anything up... it's a really simple question that is probably silly but I am wondering if anyone has any good tips on removing the fluffy bits under the nail after you have filed it? I have tried...
  5. hellishbellish

    What do you do your HD brows on?

    I am just wondering where those of you that offer HD do them - a chair or a bed? I have just booked the course and don't have room for a chair so would have to do it on a bed. I asked the guy when booking if that would be an issue and he said it might be a bit harder but not impossible. Do any...
  6. hellishbellish

    New steamer needed - any suggestions?

    My steamer packed in the other day and has gone to steamer heaven. It's left me with a bit of a problem though as I need to get one quick sharp, and was wondering if you have any recommendations at all? I was wondering whether the light ones were any good? I would want a free standing one. Thank...
  7. hellishbellish

    Considering bringing Shellac into the salon but have a few questions!

    I currently use Jessica GELeration in my salon but after persevering for a very long time with different techniques of removal, I am beginning to hate it and am wanting another option. I am wondering (probably a no!) if any of you have regretted bringing it in? I currently use an led lamp so...
  8. hellishbellish

    Lash extensions - where am I going wrong?

    I have been doing lash extensions on and off for 2 years, and am coming up against a recurring problem and I don't know properly what I am doing wrong. I apply the lashes and they look amazing when they have their eyes closed, yet when they open them they are not very obvious all the time (even...
  9. hellishbellish

    What new things are you bringing into your salon this year?

    Hi guys, I am just wondering what you are all thinking of bringing into your salons this year. I am always wanting to keep up to date with things in the industry and just wondering if there is anything recurring in popularity. Looking forward to hearing replies :)
  10. hellishbellish

    Where do you all stand on patch testing?

    Now I know this is a well talked about topic, however I was told yesterday about apparent "new legislation" coming in regarding patch testing. I patch test each new client or a client that hasn't had tinting with me before at least 48 hours before, however I've just been told I have to do this...
  11. hellishbellish

    How do I go about changing my phone and Internet?

    Hi guys, Firstly, apologies for the somewhat clueless post, but when I took over the premises that I am in, the phone and Internet provider was just rolled on, so I have never had to do this for a business. I have never signed a contract with the company I am with, however I'm not sure where to...
  12. hellishbellish

    Eve Taylor Systems of Analysis course

    Hi guys, I have had some information through about this course and thought it sounded interesting, and I was wondering if any of you had done it? It is a fair trek to Peterborough for me and wondering if it is worth it! If you have, what were your thoughts on it - was it beneficial? Thanks!
  13. hellishbellish

    Would you do wedding makeup without a trial?

    I have been approached by someone asking if I will do their wedding makeup in January without a trial. I'm not sure how comfortable I feel doing this due to its importance and the fact the first time I will see this woman will be on her wedding day. Has anyone done this before? How did it go...
  14. hellishbellish

    What could this be after eyebrow waxing?

    I have a client that has come to me about 4 times for her brows waxing, and also has other bits waxed too. She asked me today if I knew why, after she has her brows waxed, she gets spots the following day. I asked her if they come up everywhere waxed and she said it is just in between her...
  15. hellishbellish

    January and refer a friend offer help, please

    Hi guys, This is my second Christmas at my salon, and last year I gave everyone in December a card with 20%off in January for treatments over £10. I am thinking of doing a similar one this year but wanted to do a refer a friend thing with it too. I am having a rather stupid momentary lapse and...
  16. hellishbellish

    How to set a stall out at a charity event

    Hi guys, I am doing an event at the end of October for breast cancer, and am wondering if anyone has done anything similar before? I am after ideas on how to make my stall look pretty, as I am pretty clueless in this department! I will be taking products with me and was thinking of doing file...
  17. hellishbellish

    How many hours electrolysis do you do?

    Hi guys, I'm in the process of thinking about getting the apilus platinum pure. Only thing is it's rather pricey! So I'm trying to ascertain how long it will take to get the machine cost back. How many hours a week do you guys generally spend doing it? Is it popular where you are? How much do...
  18. hellishbellish

    Please help! What is this after half leg wax?

    Hi guys, I am in desperate need of your help! I did a girl a half leg wax on Friday (have done it once before on her) and have received a text today off her saying that she has come up in some big red lumps on only one of her legs and in only one area. She's sent me a picture of them and I...
  19. hellishbellish

    Getting your salon winning awards

    Hi guys, I am after information from you in regards of entering your salon into awards. Loads of salons say they are "salon of the year" but never really say who has deemed them to be! I have tried googling it and nothing is coming up in terms of what to enter in order to get the title, and so...
  20. hellishbellish

    Male Lower Back Wax - help needed please!

    Hi geeks, I'm hoping you can help me! I have just had a phone call for a waxing booking on Friday for a man and his wife. His wife is having bikini (fine) and she has asked to book him in for a lower back wax. Thing is I have never actually done one! It is not on my price list either, so...