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  1. Laini

    First set with Gelish Polygel

    Great, I decided to get a starter kit to try. It should arrive Monday. I will post how I get on. Thanks for all your replies.
  2. Laini

    First set with Gelish Polygel

    Thanks for that, I never had an issue with the Top it Off, but the price of this seems massive compared to equivalent acrylic product. 70 euros per tube plus the cost of the slip. You obviously think its worth it.
  3. Laini

    First set with Gelish Polygel

    Did you fix the discolouration problem? Nail Harmony Spain now have it yah! But I am a bit unsure if there are problems with the tips discolouring.
  4. Laini

    Nail Harmony Polygel - anyone tried it?

    Just wondering if anyone has tried the new Polygel from Nail Harmony, whether they like it or not and how its applied, I watched a YouTube video, it seems to go on more like Acrylic than gel, but the brush looks more like a gel brush than an acrylic. It looks great, but is it just gimmicky...
  5. Laini

    Removal of gel extensions and full set?

    I agree with the comments above, and once you get the hang of using a form you will love it. I much prefer sculpting on forms to doing tips.
  6. Laini

    Shellac polish

    "Shellac is a resin secreted by the female lac bug, on trees in the forests of India and Thailand. It is processed and sold as dry flakes (pictured at right) and dissolved in ethanol to make liquid shellac, which is used as a brush-on colorant, food glaze and wood finish. Shellac functions as a...
  7. Laini

    Portable desk light recommendations please

    Thanks for that Emily, I will take a look.
  8. Laini

    Portable desk light recommendations please

    Was this ever resolved? I am having the same problem with lighting and would like a magnifying lamp, but I am afraid of ruining my products.
  9. Laini

    Gel extension nail thickness?

    Can you use an LED lamp then with Soakind?
  10. Laini

    Feeling a little disheartened

    Its difficult when your other half sees you spending money, he can't see the profit. You have to think that to get good and imorove your speed takes time, if you really want it you will get there in the end. My hubby has the same attitude and it can be a downer. I am coming back after looking...
  11. Laini

    Calgel or NSI Secrets?

    Thanks, thats difficult. I will be flying in from Mallorca, I am trying to find local training to save on Hotels, fares etc. Near to Liverpool could be ok as that will be the airport I will be flying to.
  12. Laini

    Calgel or NSI Secrets?

    Any in The North West? Darwen, Blackburn?
  13. Laini

    Bag/trolley advice

    Think I am going for this bag, its got to be lighter than carrying a wheelie, where I live there are more up and down steps than trekking miles. I am using an old flight trolley at the moment and its ok, but I would like something a little more elegant.
  14. Laini

    Hard to gel polish free edge on short nails?

    Thats fab, thank you!
  15. Laini

    Comment by 'Laini' in media 'Image (9)'

    Nearly Valentines Day, nice one.
  16. Laini

    Feedback on Gelish hard gel or recommendations for a (preferably soak off) hard gel?

    Thanks your input, I am thinking of starting up again after a long break. I did Acrylics years ago and loved doing the pink and white sculpted on forms. Products have changed so much over the last 10 years its a minefield. I live in Mallorca and I am looking at going over to the UK to do a...
  17. Laini

    Feedback on Gelish hard gel or recommendations for a (preferably soak off) hard gel?

    I am interested in this too, do you use the French White thats like a polish, or do you use the white builder gel? Or both. The white builder gel is not in the kit, also its the dark pink in the starter kit. Which ones do you use most?
  18. Laini

    Looking for some advice on CND Brisa sculpting gels

    Thought it was just the Bris Lite that is being discontinued, not the Brisa?
  19. Laini

    Gelish minis

    I know this is an old thread, but just in case anyone else needs it:
  20. Laini

    Steam remover Gel II?

    It takes around 10 minutes per nail apparently, and you can only do one hand at a time, and you have to use their acetone based remover gel. So how thats better or saving time I don´t know! There is a facebook thread on it.