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  1. sj1973

    Help please as my son hates his ginger hair .

    My son has ginger hair and wants to colour it,just wondered if i should just stick highlights in it? ,he hates his hair. Thanks in advance.
  2. sj1973

    Do you like coloured/marbled/glittered/3d ???

    What do you like to wear....glittered nails or marbled,coloured or 3d. I think we have moved with the times sooo much now their is alot to pick from.!! Or do you just like to wear none?. :green:
  3. sj1973

    Bite on lip?...

    Hi my skin geeks....hope someone can help me as this is a weird one !! For 2 months now i have had this bite mark come on my lip.....its come up 4/5 times.Its look like i have been bittern or stung ...its stays for roughly 2 hours then goes. I just feel a tingle,no itching,then it comes up...
  4. sj1973

    whats your favorite telly soap ?.....

    So i have taken collin's advice and started a thread about anything !!!!....:green: So are your favorite's soap ...eastenders...corrie...emmerdale.....neighbours...home and there anymore????.. Mine is Eastenders....truthfully,i have NO spare time to watch them...
  5. sj1973

    Baby fight club??????

    Did anyone see the baby fight club last night.?????.....girls as young as 5 were fighting with others in a ring doing ty (sp!!) kick boy had his first fight at 2 1/2 :eek:.......i do understand with the parents saying they can look after themselves....but GOD..... Then 2 boys...
  6. sj1973

    Flaky scalp???????

    Hi hair geeks...hope someone can help .... Me and my daughter are suffering from very flacky scalp' first i thought it was dandruff because someties its itchy....but i remember when my son was a baby he suffered from craddle cap......this is what are scalps are like........ My...
  7. sj1973

    Happy birthday loulou mc....

    :hug:Happy birthday huni...............hope you have a great day and get spoilt rotten xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:hug:
  8. sj1973

    Grease Babies....................

    YouTube - Greaser Babies Have a good look at this is sooo the words on the top aswell !!! :lol: xxxxxxxxx
  9. sj1973

    In our thoughts Sandi xxx

    As some of you may know....Sandi (valencian nail's) has to go visit her dad as he is very ill..... I just wanted Sandi to know that we are all here for her when she need's us....Sandi has to go see her dad for a few day's and we shall miss her very much.......but Sandi must go see her dad...
  10. sj1973

    Lets all have a good laugh !!!!!

    Just what it says on the title......what is the funniest thing that has happened to you ....i have a few but here is one..... Me and my sis at school disco dancing to "FAME...i want to live forever" the chorus was coming up me and sis were freaking out (as you did in our...
  11. sj1973

    Happy Birthday Tinkywinky

    Read on your blog that its your birthday TODAY so............ HOPE YOU HAVE A WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY TINKYWINKY XXXXX:hug::hug::hug::hug::hug::hug::hug::hug::hug::hug::hug::hug::hug::hug:
  12. sj1973

    Where does the skin go after piercing?????

    I was just reading about piercing licence and it got me thinking ( does happen!!!)... Where does the skin go when you have had your ears pierced??????????... Is it in the gun???..on the floor????? ...just curious xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  13. sj1973

    my sis has bad skin at the mo?????

    hi all you skin sister come up last week with a rash on her day it spread to her its spreading all over on her neck...she has been sick for 2 days with it..i mean sick.....its sore and very itchy..she has been to docs (no good) so went to hospital where she...
  14. sj1973

    look at these for toe nails !!!!

    just have a look at these fellow geeks xxx YouTube - long toenails
  15. sj1973

    rhinestones on fingers nails????

    hi all....i know its been talked about on toes but how does everyone keep there rhinestones on finger nails?????....i do my l&p buff then apply top coat , rhinestone...then top the time my hands have been in the oven gloves for tea time there off!!!...any ideas advice would be sooooo...
  16. sj1973

    nail graphic

    this is all intresting stuff so thought i would share this...when i passed my course i was not told about ANY of these so i have booked marked this for future clients....hope it can help anyone xxx.
  17. sj1973

    dont look if you feel sick ...but had to share!!

    hi all...found this on the web....i hope my nail never comes off like this....pic is graphic!!!! enjoy xxx Nail Avulsion
  18. sj1973

    hi all ...i am soooo sad

    sorry about this thread but need to get this off my chest..... on the 30th dec my mum had a heart attack...i was there while she was having it and it sh*t me up....she has been in hospital hubby and kids have been sis is a pain cos she thinks she is always...
  19. sj1973


    can you please delete some messages as i cant send you one.....thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. sj1973

    what would you do with a million ???

    with xmas just around the corner,and everyone dreaming of winning money...what would you do with a million pounds nicely tucked away in your bank?????....the 1st thing i would do debts,then i would buy my house,car and then i dont really know...i suppose apart from shopping and a...