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    New hair help!

    Hi guys I’m really needing new hair, any suggestions for me?! This is me now and I’m bored!!

    Ombré closure

    Hi all, Could anyone recommend a supplier who stocks ombré hair closures please something along these lines... thank you

    Toxic free gel polish

    Hey Could I please have some suggestions on the least toxic, vegan, cruelty free gel polish brand available on the UK please? I’ve researched but it’s getting a little confusing! Many Thanks x

    Closure matting?

    Hi all, Wonder if anyone can help, I fit closure to hair loss clients. One of which has had her closure since August and all of a sudden it is matting and tangling, looks awful. I’ve conditioned it today hoping to help the issue but she’s just messaged me saying it’s started to do it again...

    Halo removal

    Hello, I’ve just switched to halo gel polish from ink London and wondering if anyone has any top tips with removal? I’m finding it’s taking me quite a long time even with filing off the top coat first. Thanks for any suggestions. X

    Insurance for extensions and hair replacement

    Hi all, I’m qualified in nano ring extensions and also the micro parting hair replacement system (fitted using micro rings and sewing) My question is, (which my insurer is being very vague about), essentially I’m trained to fit micro bead/nano bead and sewn in systems, I’m just trying to work...

    Extensions feel too heavy

    Hi all, I’m quite new to extensions and have just done a client last Thursday with 140g 0.8 nano’s. She has messaged today asking if some can be taken out as they feel too heavy and she can’t tie it up. I’m wondering what I can do as if I take too many out they won’t blend well? Here is how...

    Hair closure, topper, volumiser quality supplier

    Wondering if anyone would mind sharing their best quality hair closure supplier, ideally lace and 4*5 or larger base. I’ve used a couple of different suppliers and whilst I’m pleased with the quality I have a client who is still looking for something a little more superior in terms of hair and...

    Hair integration and extensions qualifications

    Hello, I’ve recently completed a Hair integration course where by the methods taught were micro rings and connecting via a sewn in weft. I’m just wondering if I would need a separate extension qualification to apply weft and micro ring extensions, as they are straight forward Hair extensions...
  10. DONSLJ

    Integration system training

    Hi all Please could I have some recommendations for integrated hair system training in the uk? I’m aware of Banbury Postiche but sadly the next training date I can make with them isn’t until October which seems a long time to wait. Thanks in advance xx
  11. DONSLJ

    Opinions please

    If you have a minute could I have some constructive criticism on this before and after. I’m a level 2 student and this is the first balayage I have done on a client (friend) She had previously bleached and box dyed her hair so it was a challenge for me! Thank You
  12. DONSLJ

    Balayage on virgin hair?

    Hi all I’ve a client who is naturally a level 6 virgin Hair, wanting something along these lines My question is would you use tint or bleach for this? I use majirel and was thinking 8.3 and possibly 9.1 so as not to go to warm? Or should I just bleach with a low peroxide and tone thank you all...
  13. DONSLJ

    Ultra shine products?

    Hi guys Can I ask what people are using to get that ultra ultra mirror shine on hair? I follow a few hairdressers on Instagram and unsure if it’s colour brand, Brazilian blow dry or some thing else, but the results are AMAZING! [emoji119]
  14. DONSLJ

    Blond to red colour help

    Can I have some advice please on going from the first to the second picture? Natural base 7 with grown out highlights on the very ends. My thoughts were colour melt 6/6.46 roots, 7/ with an inch of 6.46?? Using L’Oréal matrix thank you for any other suggestions
  15. DONSLJ

    Suitable hairdressing chair

    Im just starting out, and wondering if this chair would be suitable for hairdressing? It reclines so possibly good for the back wash but I’m unsure if the head rest removes and if so if the curved back would cause issues when cutting? Any thoughts much appreciated. It’s on a selling site...
  16. DONSLJ


    Hi all, Just wondered if anyone is using natulique and your thoughts on it? I’m currently training but quite like this idea of less chemicals.
  17. DONSLJ

    Colour advice

    Hi all, I’m currently studying level 2 and wondering what would be the best way to approach this? Below is the picture of Hair now and what we’d like to achieve? This is all just ‘in theory’ but I’m really trying to get my head around colour services. Thankyou x
  18. DONSLJ

    Can anyone suggest anything to help?

    Hi all, This is my mums hair 8years post chemo/radiotherapy treatment. She now has to wear a hair piece to cover this area. Just wondering if anyone has any idea on good colour/cuts to help disguise the area?? She's considering a silver/grey all over so she won't need to keep covering her own...
  19. DONSLJ

    Scissor & hairdryer recommendations

    Hi all Please could I have recommendations for which scissors and hairdryer to get, I am starting my level 2 in September and would like to get good quality products that will see me though starting my new career. Thank You [emoji5]️
  20. DONSLJ

    Competition tanners

    Hi Everyone, After recently spraying a bodybuilder friend for his photo shoot tans I'm considering getting into competition tans, just wondering if anyone has any advice on where to start? I'm thinking of contacting local dance/gymnastic clubs in order to offer to be there own 'tanner' Many...