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  1. Scrubadub

    Cuticle work with gels

    I would not be doing gels on any clients without cuticle work, they won’t last
  2. Scrubadub

    The app

    Hi guys many app is not working, anyone else?
  3. Scrubadub

    2 for the price of 1!

    Hope it went well for you! I don’t do a lot of beauty anymore but still work in customer service, we phone customers a couple of days before their appointments and tell them the cost so they are ready to pay when they come in and they still argue about when they get there
  4. Scrubadub

    Salon reopening not as busy as thought it would be! Anyone else the same?

    Thinking from a clients point of view, there is no way I want anyone touching my face right now
  5. Scrubadub

    Gel nails & sanitising hands

    Hand gel can make it peel, nothing you can do about it really
  6. Scrubadub

    Hope you are all well

    Hi all I hope you are all ok and looking after yourselves back at work! Luckily I don’t work in a salon or do much beauty anymore so I feel for you all having to wear so much ppe to do easy treatments
  7. Scrubadub

    Bamboozled by all the gel polish options!

    I use gellux, it’s great but can be hard to get off, you have to do thin layers to have a chance! The colours are really nice and good variety. I used to work in a salon and used shellac and gelish, I would pick gelish all day everyday over shellac
  8. Scrubadub

    Covid-19 surcharge?

    You’re lucky your dentist did the filling, i had half of one fall out just before lockdown and they won’t fix it
  9. Scrubadub

    Athletes foot?

    Thanks guys, I will tell her to speak to a pharmacist about it :)
  10. Scrubadub

    Athletes foot?

    From my clients pic do you think this could be athletes foot? Not spread to other toes or to anyone else and has been this way for a few weeks
  11. Scrubadub

    Returning to mobile work

    2m distancing is still in place so how are you going to not go within 2m of a client and do their hair? There are loads of places like supermarkets looking for staff at the moment if you are struggling for money and when you can safely go back to hairdressing you can leave
  12. Scrubadub

    Going back to work (non beauty/hairdressing)

    Hi it was ok thank you, customers from today, everyone was good and followed instructions so can’t complain too much
  13. Scrubadub

    Going back to work (non beauty/hairdressing)

    Following the guidelines from the government I will be going back to work on Thursday (non beauty/hairdressing) To say I’m nervous is an understatement, I work in frontline customer service and I know what people can be like
  14. Scrubadub

    No make up for over a month

    I put make up on yesterday and my skin is so much better today, I have rosacea and my skin is so oily and foundation seems to help it
  15. Scrubadub

    Instgram advice

    She’s being ridiculous, I don’t see how she could have thought that was a dig at her
  16. Scrubadub

    No make up for over a month

    I don’t wear a bra most of the time, free the ladies!
  17. Scrubadub

    No make up for over a month

    So since lockdown I haven’t worn make up for over a month now. So far I have learnt that foundation really helps my rosacea and my skin is worse than ever! Have any of you tried to detox your skin during lockdown?
  18. Scrubadub

    Colour correction

    Thank you! I am only asking as last time I wanted something done to my hair they just threw bleach and bleach bath at it and not trying any colour reducers and didn’t strand test first. My hair wasn’t compromised luckily but it was a waste of time and money
  19. Scrubadub

    Colour correction

    Hi all I won’t be attempting this myself, I need to find a hairdresser. I don’t trust hairdressers and even thinking about going to one makes me anxious. All I am looking for is a little advice on how to choose one to trust. I have attached pictures below or what my hair is like now and what...
  20. Scrubadub

    What to tell clients at the moment who normally have waxing?

    Tell them to leave the hair and they can book in when things get back to normal