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    What would you do?

    Competitor research. I'd appreciate your opinions on whether I should go back to the salon in question but book with a different therapist or leave it well alone. I had a re-shape eyebrow wax this morning at a local high street salon. I was a first time client to the salon and the lady...
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    Free CPD

    http://www.beautyguildtraining.com/Courses/CourseView.aspx?CourseID=2dcd2068-c930-4d78-a6b5-67115b88a388 Get two free CPD points by completing this module.
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    Carlton Institute opinions please

    I have heard many different conflicting stories about the quality of training at the Carlton Institute. I would love to have your opinions on their quality of training and content of their courses. My nearest center would be Windsor.
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    Apply oil before waxing?

    A fellow therapist told me that you can now apply oil prior to waxing :confused: forgive me but I was told at college last year that you are ment to remove natural oils etc from the skin for the wax to work. I've tried researching it on the www but no luck. I am confused. Is this oil...
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    Spa Management Degree @ Derby University

    Has anyone done or are doing either of the Spa or International Spa Management Degrees (online) with Derby University? I'm getting closer to my 30th birthday and I've just completed my NVQ BT lv3 (massage route) at college. My tutors feel that I passed lv2 & 3 easily and would do well on a...
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    Have you tried cupping therapy?

    Has anyone done the Cupping course with K.O.R.E Therapy? I'm interested but unsure about it. I like the sound of this company as their Cupping doesnt involve bleeding etc and seems much safer than the original therapy. Do you fellow geeks have any opinions about Cupping therapy? Maybe I...
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    British waxing brands?

    Does anyone know of a British waxing brand, preferably natural based? I've tried searching the internet but can't seem to find a clear answer. Any hints or tips would be greatly appreciated :biggrin: