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  1. J

    Organic hair dye products

    Thank you, I've posted a new thread.x
  2. J

    Organic colour systems

    Hi, I'm looking for some opinions on working with Organic Colour Systems...I do a lot of grey hair colouring and also a lot of balayage and ombré colouring with very light platinum blondes. Will this colour line do what I need it to do, opinions please...??? Thanks in advance for any help given.x
  3. J

    Organic hair dye products

    Hi, I'm looking into using Organic Colour Systems in our Salon and I'm wondering if it covers greys well and also if the bleach can lifts well and if you can Balayage with it please?
  4. J

    Affinage colours

    I'm after some help with making affinage colours cool! Particularly with the 5's but with all colours, ive added lots of extra ash from their intensive range with additional 6.117 to add coolness but it's still very very warm, I'm so disappointed in it I'm considering changing brands, any ideas?
  5. J

    Green/yellow on silver haired lady after wash, dry and tong, any thoughts?

    Hi, We had an elderly lady come into our salon today for a simple wash, blow dry and tong. My new member of staff washed the clients hair, I used mousse for a bit of hold and blow dried her hair, then I used the tongs to finish off. I was horrified as the client came back into the salon 5...
  6. J

    Which skincare brand Dermalogica, Environ, suggestions please?

    Brilliant, thank you! Decision made! I know I'll have to promote it well initially but hopefully it'll give me a better mix of income work/retail wise, I'm really excited now! Thanks again!x
  7. J

    Which skincare brand Dermalogica, Environ, suggestions please?

    Thank you SOOO MUCH for your replies ! Are you retailing quite a lot and did you do a launch day etc
  8. J

    Which skincare brand Dermalogica, Environ, suggestions please?

    hi all, I've got a very small hair and beauty salon in Exeter, Devon. I'm looking to take on a skin care brand that will increase my facial treatments and sell well for retailing, I'm only a one man band, I don't mind price wise but I want a good brand that's well known, sells well and gives...
  9. J

    Beaulaz beauty training

    Hi, I'm looking into training with Beaulaz, can you tell me if you did go with them and what your experience was like with them please? Many thanks Jo
  10. J

    Icon ultra lift machine anyone use?

    Hi Angel face! How are you getting on with the icon ultralift?
  11. J

    Icon ultra lift

    Hi, I've just sold my Caci ultra machine as I wasn't impressed with the results at all! How do you find the results with icon ultralift please? Can you see a difference?