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    CND Shellac not sticking- peeling alot

    my mistake :) sorry i called the base coat a bonder coz im used to getting my fake nails done :) ok steps were she filed my nails, cuticle trimming, then base coat, then the white, cure, then the sheer colour, cure, then top coat, cure and wipe.. its only lasting a few days and i want to cry :(...
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    CND Shellac not sticking- peeling alot

    hiya :) i downloaded the steps from CND to ensure that she was doing it correctly. Im just wondering if anyone else knows why my shellac is peeling and chipping?
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    CND Shellac not sticking- peeling alot

    i think you do need a bonder as it has bonding instructions on the CND shellac website :) her lamp wasn't brisa- do you think this would have made a difference? i got a french manicure and its just peeling and chipping like crazy!
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    CND Shellac not sticking- peeling alot

    HI everyone, I recently got my nails done with the CND shellac and am finding that it peels off my nails super quick ( within one week!) they are using the bonder, base coat, then french manicure with the white and sheer pink colour, then uv top coat, then wiping the sticky stuff off and i...
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    Shellac from CND

    hi ladies i really want to buy CND shellac? but unfortunately no-where sells it that will ship to australia! Unfortunately i dont have official training in nails- i just learnt from my mum who used to do nails in her salon so i cant register on alot of websites. Anyone on here own a store...