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    Best Shellac Colours to start off!

    I'm pretty new too iv not even qualified nvq 2 yet but bought shellac at gmex and have started from home, the studio White is the new one but as far as iv seen so far and what iv read, it's the softer option fir the french manicure, funnily enough the purple purple does have a slight blue tone...
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    What do I need to try Gellish?

    With this current offer I'd definately go for it, just buy one colour to start with if u are a but dubious, I was in the sane boat as you, bought shellac at the trade fair in gmex but still felt I had to buy gelish so £208 later in sallys I'd bought a good few colours and the top n base and iv...
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    Best Shellac Colours to start off!

    I think fedora is gonna be huge for winter, also purple purple is popular for me, and hot pop pink for some younger people, however people have different clients with different favourites, I think a red would also be key coming up to Xmas with parties etc. xx
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    What do I need to try Gellish?

    Four out of four sets of nails have been good gossip for me, it is truly gorgeous, I personally love tiger blossom and passion but no one has had these yet it all depends on taste xx
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    How to make false lashes White ?

    Was the White end of the mascara not very good? I use loreal beauty tubes mascara and the White end makes them very White it seems perfect for what u need, I used it on haloween with coloured contact lenses and was a great result x
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    ELF cosmetics?

    Everyone has different opinions also, plus u will work out what u like yourself, u can definately tell the difference in quality with the premium brands and I do intend to use them but the colours are glorious in my pallete and I'm not afraid to practise and try different looks as I know it...
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    ELF cosmetics?

    In my opinion they are OK, not brill but also not rubbish, some of their products are really nice iv got the highlighting powder n love it, and a liquid/mousse type blush that goes on like a dream but I bought some brushes and they shed and handles fell off. Have a look for BH cosmetics a lot...
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    Anyone do hair extensions close to Leeds?

    Hi id like to kno the same too if there are any around, I'm not Leeds but close and happy to travel in Yorkshire x
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    Is a contra-indication the same as a contra-action?

    I'm only in training too however a contraindication is something that restricts or prevents a treatment, a contra action is something that could happen from having the treatment done afterwards, ie if the client has an allergic reaction, erythema etc. Hope this makes sense and I'm sure If iv...
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    Manicure table?

    I usually manage to improvise as I'm only doing family and friends at the mo so they come to my house and I work on the corner of my kitchen table, but iv got a friend of a friend on Saturday morning and only checked if she had a table yesterday and she hasn't so now I'm in a flap to buy one...
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    Manicure table?

    I am liking the look of the ikea one, im panicking as i've got some nails to do on saturday and only thought yesterday to check if she had a table (im only just starting out and doing family and friends) Is the ikea one tall enough? It looks kind of the height of a coffee table? Do the legs...
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    Share your low calorie snack ideas

    Pickled onions, pickled beetroot, pickled gherkins, lol oh and u might need some gaviscon to hand, nice to munch on tho, celery with light dairylea down the middle, salsa n Melba toast, salsa is really low Cals, 10 cal soup, extra light laughing cows r really low cal too but the toast to put it...
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    Good looking thumb

    Well I'm so chuffed I took the plunge and invested in shellac today at Manchester, I was going to buy gelicure but it didn't take long to change my mind, the only thing is I'm too tight to paint any more than one thumb lol! The offer was too good to miss and I got the special offer pack plus 5...
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    Good looking thumb

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    A Question about E.L.F

    Hi I got a few products, lip gloss was nice, a nude pencil and lipstick but no where near up to mac or bobbi quality (really do think u get what u pay for there) quite impressed with the eye crease brush BUT the metal bit came off the wooden handle! bought some products from bh cosmetics in...
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    Trade show Manchester

    Oh wow really? I have tried this a few weeks ago but they said it wasn't possible, I will ring on Monday, I have actually passed the manicure section now so might have a bit of luck. I never thought about space at the show before I asked, it does make complete sense though. Thanks for help...
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    Trade show Manchester

    Oh noooo! Thanks for you're reply.
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    Trade show Manchester

    Im assuming CND will be at manchester beauty show, will i be able to buy from them (im only a student and cant buy from s2) im not wanting to buy things iv not learnt how to use yet, i would just like some cuticle oil, some mani/pedi stuff and some of the nail fresh so i can tidy up my french...
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    Gelish training

    Hi sorry to butt in but is bev Rose the option for Yorkshire aswell? Thanks x
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    Experienced Lash Geeks-Would you do the same lash training?

    Hi, i have just called this company as it seems very reasonable compared to some of the quotes i have just had, if i do a course like this, im guessing i wont need to do a conversion course with some of the really well known brands out there? Also, as a kit isnt provided, did u buy one in...