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    Gateway Workshop short courses any good?

    I'm currently doing their Nutrition home study course and am loving it :-) My tutor is super helpful and the course content is worth the money spent. I intend on doing a couple of treatment courses with them next year. What courses are you considering?
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    Threading courses

    http://www.helenmcguinness.com I found Helen to be a fantastic teacher :-)
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    Fast track or college course? Opinions please

    I think if you're going down the fast track route, try and get a work placement too. Without knowing roughly where you live, I highly recommend Helen McGuinness for training : http://www.helenmcguinness.com Even if you only call or email and ask for their opinion of college vs fast track...
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    Refreshments in the salon?

    Fab :-) Thanks xx
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    Revitalise ear candles

    I use Biosun and noticed these new candles on Beauty Express. Do they have the same level of safety? From Biosun website: "Our ear candles are regularly tested by independent institutes and are the only ear candles that are certified medical products class IIa according to medical device...
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    A male intimate waxer for women? Your opinion?

    Reading this has been interesting and funny ;-) So much focus on men (gay or not), but what would you feel if it were a gay woman waxing you?
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    Word processor for iPad

    Pages app is fab! Perfect with the latest update. I'm very happy using it, also try their Numbers app :-)
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    Refreshments in the salon?

    Fab thread :-) Starting a home-based beauty business next year and was wondering if there are any requirements legally regarding offering refreshments. Is it just alcohol that is a issue?
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    Bamboo massage

    Consider the types of places you'd like to work and see if they offer Bamboo Massage. Getting qualified and practising before applying for a work placement will help you get the job :-) Also, I feel that bamboo massage is a luxury treatment and should be marketed as such with the added benefit...
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    What does everyone do whilst the lash perm is taking?

    Mini hand or foot massage.
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    Babtac or Guild

    I've used BABTAC as a student and have enquired about training I'd like to do with smaller training company's and each time they've say they'll cover me. Industry insurance policy with public, product and professional liability up to £6million per claim, per year! Was courious about Guild...
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    Semi Permanent Mascara

    I too use Myscara :-) Helen McGuinness have a DVD for this. MYscara DVD
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    Help with courses!

    As you will be a mature student, you will most likely start at level 2. Level 1 is usually for school leavers. Do a google search for beauty schools in your area and check which qualifications they offer and who they are accredited by. You will need a national level 2 & 3 qualification to...
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    Beauty trolley recommendations please

    Jasper Conran at Tripp Black hydrangea small wheel duffle- at Debenhams.com I've used this in the past for my kit. Looks fab and surprisingly roomy :-)
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    Skin treatments for back

    If you want to include massage then you'll need a qualification in massage and you will need to do a certificated workshop/day course in body/spa treatments if you intend on using dry body brushing, exfoliation, masks & wraps. Body wraps and masks | Beauty | Cottage Training Centre Spa...
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    Ellisons :-)
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    Which gel polish to use?

    I use OPI GelColor Lacquer and I did the specific training via Capitail Hair & Beauty. I just looked on their website and they didn't seem to be doing it anymore. I've been shown the Jessica GELaration method and even with the treatments being very similar, I feel more confident with OPI as I...
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    Lighter make up?

    I've been converting to Liz Earle Colour and so far loving it :-) Stays fresh all day!
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    What would you do?

    Ok. Sounds like you're all singing the same song. It doesn't feel right to judge the whole salon on one therapist but I guess that's what clients do. I'm researching possible business competitors in my local area, home-based & High street.
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    What would you do?

    Competitor research. I'd appreciate your opinions on whether I should go back to the salon in question but book with a different therapist or leave it well alone. I had a re-shape eyebrow wax this morning at a local high street salon. I was a first time client to the salon and the lady...