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    Mac Zuca or NYX Organised Chaos?

    Pro freelance makeup artists helppppp me please I’m wanting to purchase a case for kit but I don’t know which to pick - anyone have and good or bad reviews for either case??? I love the Mac zuca but I’ve read it’s pretty heavy and bulky! Again I love the nyx organised chaos but I’m concerned...
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    Dermaplaning facial training

    Hi everyone I’m a newbie so excuse me if this is a daft question I’m wanting to train in dermaplaning Firstly is there anywhere in or around sheffield you would recommend for me me to train Secondly like with other beauty treatment I assume different brands offer a kit/ training so which...
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    Dfma makeup training?

    Has anyone done makeup training with dfma? Is it a good place to study?
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    Level 3 makeup artistry

    Has anyone done level 3 makeup artistry at college? If so what did you think to it? Is it worth the money?
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    Male chest wax help

    Hi All, I'm looking for advice on how to prevent spots / red marks after waxing - i waxed my boyfriends chest for the first time a few weeks ago and he came out in an awful rash - afterwards - i used hive honey wax - he had no discomfort during the treatment so i have no cause to believe it is...
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    OPI, Shellac or Bio Sculpture Gel?

    Help Help Help its a mind field- i am a makeup artist currently from my home salon and i'm hoping to add a nail service to my portfolio opi , shellac or bisculpture gel which brand do i choose? should i offer all 3? what is the difference between Shellac and opi colour? is biosculpture a gel...
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    Training in nails

    Hi everyone I recently qualified in level 2 beauty and i'm hoping to improve my knowledge further and focus more on nails to enable me to offer mobile nail treatments. i have spent hours researching different nail qualifications and honestly i do not know which route to go down. i have manicure...