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    Burnt orange Shellac

    Hi ladies, I just had a client in today that has asked for a burnt orange shellac - just wondering if anyone knows what layering I can do to achieve this colour - I only use shellac so have to work with their colour range. Help would be appreciated ta:suprised::rolleyes:
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    French Tips

    Hi just wondering newly trained and have been using Star Nails tips (french curviture) with well - they are now discontinuing this range - what tips do you recommend that has a nice white colour... :eek:
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    IBD gel overlay

    Hi hoping someone can help me I use the IBD gel system and am wanting to know how to do a natural french overlay on clients own nails. Do I use the white builder gel first to create tip and smile line then clear gel or do I use builder gel. Or do I put clear gel on first then white builder gel...
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    Natural French Overlay IBD

    Just wondering if anyone can help how do I do a natural overlay on clients own nails getting confused !!! Do I use the white builder gel first to create french tip smile line then a couple of coats of clear gel or do I use builder gel ???
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    IBD Gels

    Why does my IBD gel nails always lift at the free edge and become discoloured after just a few days - do you think ulta seal is a better cover than a clear gel. Has anyone got any opinions on a better user friendly gel system than IBD. :irked: