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  1. Domine

    Glitter brush

    I love the Magpie Beauty Glitter Brushes
  2. Domine


    I don't think anywhere will insure you without certification for Gel Polish due to the damage that the chemicals can cause.
  3. Domine

    Gel polish recommendations please

    I am a new Nail Tech. We were not taught in college that there were differences in lamps. I garnered most of my information from this site which I then went on to research myself. I am so grateful I came across this resource to get accurate information from experienced professionals.
  4. Domine

    Gel extensions broke off after one week, help!

    It was probably something that happened in the prep. I use The Manicure Company & I don't have any issues once all prep is done correctly. Do you dehydrate the nail &use the bonder?
  5. Domine

    Newly qualified looking for gel polish advice

    I trained with The Manicure Company- The bottles are only 8ml but this suits me as I also do mobile. I often get them in Capital Beauty where you buy 3 and get one free.
  6. Domine

    Ireland, self employed

    Hi Haircutz, Waving back from cloudy South Tipperary! I've been lurking for a long time, but have found your advice on other posts incredibly helpful, so thank you! That post has answered a lot of questions :)
  7. Domine

    Ireland, self employed

    Thank you! Yes I have insurance, we are about to buy a house so assume that I would then inform Mortgage company. Did you register as a Sole Trader?
  8. Domine

    Ireland, self employed

    I have searched the forums but can't find an answer. Is there anyone in Ireland who has gone self-employed? Did you have to register as a business/get an accountant? I'm hoping to start renting a booth or setting up at home in the next few months. I'm fully qualified in Nails/Beauty but plan to...