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  1. HairbyAsya

    Independent testing on extensions

    Hi All Just trying to brain storm a little with fellow hairdressers and extension professionals. I have a client who has been having ore-bonds for over a year with me, loses bonds all the time and they literally turn white, she has lost 14 since week 5 now in week 7. She has posted them to...
  2. HairbyAsya

    Anybody received this-Foxy

    This hit my inbox from foxy, am intrigued and considering trying the Brazilian Anybody seen this, tried the new hair (altho only launched early this month) We have listened... ...we have improved. We have spent the last 12 months collating customer feedback, and looking at how we can...
  3. HairbyAsya

    Client is OCD

    Hi Geeks I have a client (she is the mum of one of my clients who's hair I do) her daughter is OCD about her hair extensions but its its not such a bad thing. She will text me even a year in from her first set of extensions and ask me questions such as can she use dry shampoo, can she was her...
  4. HairbyAsya

    Heated blanket for SV wrap

    Hi Got another quick question - everyone seems to be being advised on the Argos silent night heated blanket - is on offer for about £19.99 it has 3 heat settings and this is one i brought. I'm mobile and I'm wondering how long your all leaving it to heat up as I've put it on today on top...
  5. HairbyAsya

    Shrinking Violet & measurements questions

    Hello All I'm still new to the SV Wraps, I've completed my training and have been practicing on my models who have had some good results ranging from about 2.9" - 3.5" and about 2-3lbs weightloss. I have a quick question, do you all measure in cm then just use a app convertor to decimal...
  6. HairbyAsya

    Micro ringlets

    Any thoughts on these welcome?
  7. HairbyAsya

    Dry shampoo on Fusion Hair Extensions

    Hi Just wondering what everybody thinks of this topic, I don't know whether it has any effect on the bonds but because I'm not sure i don't feel I have a real answer for clients. I tell clients to just wash the top of their hair if it seems greasy and leave the extensions I stead of using...
  8. HairbyAsya

    Customer wanting Sarah Jessica Parker look & extensions

    Hi Just wanting to brain storm. I have a client her hair is shoulder length, the top is shorter and she has a side swept fringe she is kind of growing out and wears a side parting. She wears extensions all the time. She is due a new set and came in yesterday. She showed me this picture...
  9. HairbyAsya

    Majirel help

    Hi I have a client who has a full head of extensions I used no 1, 2 and a little of no 4 to break it up, the client now wants me to add some of the same no 4 on to her own hair, mainly around the hairline under her parting as she really like the colour of that extensions. I have matched it to...
  10. HairbyAsya

    Cinderella hair extensions

    Hello I'm going to apply a set to a customer of mine as a trial and see how the hair lasts, bonds etc. just wondering if anybody knows what colour 99j would be in Cinderella, it appears as Cruz but want a 2nd opinion Thanks
  11. HairbyAsya

    Redken NewYork BlowDry?

    Hi Just wondering if anybody has any experience using this system and whether you can have fusion extensions fitted on top of this system as I have a client who use to have Yukon before I fitted her extensions as she has wavy hair that she likes to wear straight. However she found the Yuko...