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    Why does my colour fade so quickly?

    Can’t seem to get red to last on one client. Porosity test ok. Refuses to have it cut so quite split. Any suggestions?
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    Claiming benefits because of Coronavirus

    No! I’m self employed but didn’t earn enough to qualify fo Furlough.
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    Latest perms

    Hi can anyone suggest latest long hair perms.? I’ve got a client who wants a loose perm but hair way below shoulder. I’m trying to explain that she would still have to curl it to get the look she wants. Any suggestions/advice please? Thanks Lorraine
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    How to get rid of blue hair

    How to get rid of blue hair first bleached
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    Green hair to brown?

    My clients friend put purple crazy colour on her hair after I highlift tinted it last week. I explained there is always some yellowness at first but it's now very ashy and not sure how to rid the ash after crazy colour? Very porous condition but wants to remain 11/1
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    Porous hair mousy but heavily highlift highlights

    Can anyone recommend best colour or semi for ridding yellowness on 12/1 wella At roots only. Base is 6.00
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    Yellow roots after 12/81

    Can anyone recommend Blue conditioner for yellow roots after High lift tint
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