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  1. peartree

    Gel polishes without using a UV or LED lamp?

    Hi people I have done a search on this and found nothing... Keep seeing the new gel polishes on the market (boots, Avon etc) that you don't need to use a uv or led lamp with.... Just wondering if anyone knows how these work?? I thought all gel needed curing?? How long does the polish last...
  2. peartree

    Business not booming!

    Not really sure what's happened but all of a sudden I've gone quiet :-( Lost 5 regular clients (due to deaths and no money) in last 4 weeks and struggling to find new regular clients.... Anyone else like this?? Or is it just me? Lol! Feel like people are just not spending on beauty...
  3. peartree

    All Dahlia-ed Up, peeling-any suggestions?

    Anyone else had problems with this colour peeling??
  4. peartree

    Spraying Lauren's way

    Hi geeks... I currently use sienna x and love it but I do get a few people ask for Lauren's way spray tan... can I use this in my Sienna x machine? do you spray the same? Cheers :-)
  5. peartree

    Split nails help

    Hi geeks 😊 Can anyone tell me why my clients nails keep splitting the way they do? Could it be medication? Can I do anything? Tried buffing and protecting them with silk and gelish but they still spilt 😔
  6. peartree

    Swarovski pedicure-what size crystals?

    Hi geeks, Wanna start doing these this year but.... What size crystals do you all use? Do you put the crystals on every toe nail or just the big toe nail? How much do you charge? Thanks :-)
  7. peartree

    Marvelscara removal?

    Can anyone help please? I have it on and wanna do a course but they have told me I can't unless I remove what I have on 😔 Any help would be good... Thanks x
  8. peartree

    Semi-permanent mascara course?

    Hi all.... Am in two minds whether or not to do this?? I can't find anywhere where I live that does it... I travelled on Saturday to have my done, i really enjoyed the treatment and my lashes look great... But what do I do? Marvelscara has a really good deal on at mo.. Vat free courses plus...
  9. peartree

    Gelish fade?

    Hi geeks... Can someone tell me how to do this please? Thank you 😘
  10. peartree

    Callus peel at Olympia beauty?

    Does anyone know if I'll be able to buy the kit at the beauty show this year please? Really want one lol! Cheers 😊
  11. peartree

    ABT insurance... extra equipment cover?

    Hi geeks.. Am looking for insurance as I was told I was ripped off last couple of years lol! Been looking at ABT... done a search and see other geeks are happy with them so... I'm a mobile therapist and was just wondering how many of you geeks get the extra equipment cover?? Don't know to...
  12. peartree

    Gelish users, can you tell me why?

    Hi geeks.... I have a elderly client who has been having Gelish once a month for a few months now with no problems up to now.... Her nails keep splitting really down low (too low to pull/cut off, ive used silk strip on them until they have grown a bit) and look really sore 😔 Can...
  13. peartree

    Myscara or similar in Peterborough...

    Anyone do this or know of anywhere that does please? If so..... How much is the treatment? How long does it take? How long does it last? Thanks 😊
  14. peartree

    What do you charge for...

    Hi geeks just wondering what the going rate is for the following please? Crystal manicure (all nails) Crystal manicure (just one nail) Crystal pedicure (all nails) Crystal pedicure (just big toe) Caviar manicure (all nails) Caviar manicure (just one nail) Gelish rock star (all nails)...
  15. peartree

    Gel nails more hassle than they're worth..calling it a day, I think.

    I know your all gonna shoot me but this is how I feel about them! I've been qualified for 2 years now and still can't get the hang of it... I done a course (which wasn't good training) and then a covert course with cnd (which was really good) plus extra 1-2-1 training and lots practice...
  16. peartree

    CND Brisa... I've finally done it but.....

    Hi all.... I'm very happy to say that after two years (crap training to begin,not with cnd) and a convert course with cnd I've finally mastered my gels 😊 yay!!! Normally within a week all my tips have come off and/or they were lifting!! not this time 😊 but.... I'm really...
  17. peartree

    3D nail art....

    Hi geeks 😊 What do you use to do 3D art with and how you attach them to the nail? I've only used gems so far and put them on with nail glue.
  18. peartree

    Solar Oil help, please

    Hi geeks, got a question about solar oil please... One of my clients starting using solar oil daily and found that it was making the skin around her nails peel...Can anyone shed any light on this please? Many thanks :-)
  19. peartree

    Sienna x spray tan parties...What do you charge?

    Tittle says it all really... What do you charge and what does the host get? How do you advertise them? Cheers 😊 x
  20. peartree

    Spray tan and Gelish.. Same appointment??

    Hi, Am i right in thinking I'm able to do both at the same appointment? Gelish first then tan? Would I still barrier cream on top of the Gelish? Tia 😊