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  1. Clare2808

    Sorry, completely off any subject!

    Well today has been one of My hardest yet! :( All started Tuesday of last week,it was my 21st birthday,had a great day! My boyfriend got me a private plate for my car HG04CLG-Harry grainger for Clare Louise Gray Come this weekend he has split up with me! ;( heartbroken! He just says he doesn't...
  2. Clare2808

    Sorry, completely off any subject!

  3. Clare2808

    Cold sore

    I have had THE WORST nights sleep! Went to sleep last night very unsettled and woke up with a huge horrible cold soar! Do any of you lovely people have any tips to get rid of this thing a quickly as possible as I have a party Sunday :( ;( I have been putting ice and Zovirax on it! Thank you!!
  4. Clare2808

    Feeling a bit let down

    So geeks I am feeling a little sorry for my self at the moment Basically I have worked at a beauty salon for 3 years now I have my own client base and I am liked and well respected by all of the salons clients My boss who is a therapist at the salon has just had breast cancer and had a lot of...