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    HELP....Yellow Nails...

    OH MY WORD!!! Yesterday I went to what some people call a chop shop to get a manicure. I wanted to see for myself how they did a mani. Thank God I didn't get a pedi. First off she plunked both my hands in water right off the bat. I tried to pull them back out and she forced them back in. I...
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    Corn and Soya-based polish remover...

    Has anyone heard of this or tried it? If you have tried it is it any good? Thanks, Nash
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    Hi, I was reading up on peeling nails and I found this. What I would like to know is what kind of oil do you use for number 3? Thanks, Nash Hiya I would be inclined not to offer her a water manicure and suggest hot oil manicures instead. All you need to do is: 1. place some tap...
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    Help...nail polish smudges...

    Hello Everyone, I need some help finding out why nail polish smudges after drying. I use OPI polish, I do all the prep correct - making sure there is no oil on the nail, and then I use a base coat by OPI, then I put two coats of nail polish on, then I put OPI top coat on. I had a client who...
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    Psoriasis in nails

    Hello Everyone, I hope I have this in the right place. I have a client with psoriasis in her nails on her hand. Is there any contraindications for this? Thanks, Nash
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    Help...Gel system dilemma

    Hello Everyone, I know there is a lot of chat on gels and I have read a good portion of them. However, I still have a few questions. I am looking into doing gels. A few questions I have is do they have an order and if so is it like acrylic order? Has anyone worked with IBD soak off gel...
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    My attempt at acrylics

    Hello Nail Geeks, I would love some feedback on this set of acrylic nails I did. Please be 100% pure honest as that is the only way I can get better. Thanks for looking, Epson PhotoCenter - Visit Albums - View Photo Nash
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    New and file question - what grits etc?

    Hello Geekers, I am new to the nail world. I have finished school and have my license. I have been reading the forum for weeks now. You all seem very nice and have lots of knowledge. I have to admit that I am a little jealous that I don’t live closer to a lot of you. I need help with...