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  1. hatty

    Part Time Nail Technician Chester

    We are recruiting! The Nail & Beauty Spa is Chester's original Nail Spa offering professional nail & skin treatments. We are looking to add to our team with a qualified Nail Technician to work Saturdays 9-4pm. Qualifications in Manicure & experienced with Gelish or Shellac would be sufficient...
  2. hatty

    Gelish equivalent to Shellac Negligee

    does anyone know what a Gelish equivalent to Shellac Negligee might be?
  3. hatty

    Leaflets expensive?

    £79 for 5000 sounds fab- where is that from?
  4. hatty

    Gelish Vitagel instead of Foundation

    Thank you everyone- thanks for taking time to reply not sure I will bother x
  5. hatty

    Gelish Vitagel instead of Foundation

    Morning - we have always used Gelish Foundation but looking into using Vitagel as a base instead. Anyone else done this and does it work as well - no impact on longevity of the gelish? any feedback appreciated x
  6. hatty

    Magazine subscriptions

    We use dlt in our salons! Delivered for about £18 per month about 30 mags! Perfect!
  7. hatty

    Image skin care?

    We introduced image a few months ago and it's amazing! The peels are great and our staff love it so they sell it so easily! If I do say so myself we all look fab!
  8. hatty

    January promotions

    This is what we do too! We always treat our regulars to something in jan, usually off something they have not had before and then newbies in December get a discount voucher for jan / feb!
  9. hatty

    Universal Contour Wrap vs Shrinking Violet?

    We use ucw and its amazing! We did some serious research and were swayed by the fact that ucw has been around so long! Our clients are thrilled!!this weeks average inch loss has been 12 inches! The training, back up and support have been first class too! X
  10. hatty

    Getting an assistant - nails

    Sounds like you need an apprentice rather than assistant! It may vary but in Cheshire £3.00 per hour 30 hrs per week plus in some areas £1500 towards her wages after 12 weeks! You help each other! You show her your skills and help her develop and she helps you prep / soak off/ reception and more...
  11. hatty

    Shrinking Violet

    Never tried sv in the end as we went for universal contour wrap and the results are amazing! Clients raving about it and average inch loss since we started 11 per wrap!!! Defo get your wraps I before Xmas! Best of luck x
  12. hatty

    What is your salon Facebook?

    We have 2... One for the salon And one for the franchise side of our business Great thread ...
  13. hatty

    Has anyone dealt with Solan Sunbeds before?

    This bed has only been in a month or so, so just getting off the ground but we got it in because our other salon has a sunbed the otherside of the city that does about £250pw - this one is already doing about £125.00pw - just need to get people to know we have it! Hope this helps x
  14. hatty

    Has anyone dealt with Solan Sunbeds before?

    We have a sunshower from these guys - only had it since end of Jan but all is well and its very popular! There was something wrong with the timer when they fitted it and the guys that fitted it said it needed a new one and they came back next day to fit it! Very happy so far - no probs at all...
  15. hatty

    If you could only have 5 Gelish colours...

    is anyone else having problems with the new colours not curing? even with the thinest of layers? we have 3 lots at 2 salons and all techs having the same probs?
  16. hatty

    New Groupon - like promo

    hi, we have done these a few times before..its like 02 rewards if you have done them... you do basically offer a total freebie and keep fingers crossed they come back - it doesnt cost you anything except freebie mini treatment....we have done them for 02,newlook and a few others and have never...
  17. hatty

    Mobile Gelish tech in Chester?

    ...can offer in salon app - thursday late nights in hoole, chester!
  18. hatty

    I want to teach spray tanning but can't find anything! Help please

    Hi - PTLLS which is Preparing to Teach in the Life Long Learning Sector. This is required by anyone teaching adults - along with your qualification in tanning. Once you have this you will be in a position to approach a tanning company and see if you can train for them - for example in our...
  19. hatty

    I would love - whats your email address x

    I would love - whats your email address x
  20. hatty

    Student mentor idea - what do you all think?

    We experienced just this problem for many years and its a real worry - especially when students leave from your establishment you want them too be first class - not just qualified! We opened up a salon whereby we recruited recently qualified therapists on part paid part voluntary contracts...