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  1. Tjo

    Business idea/charity

    Hi, I am after some thoughts in regards to my business proposal. I worked in beauty since 2012, but due to being a single mum and juggling finances, I have now left the industry and gone back to an accounts assistant, I am happy in my job but I do miss doing beauty. I have been thinking about...
  2. Tjo

    Lash extension course Essex Suffolk area

    Hi, I am wanting to train in lash extensions, I did a course many years ago but it was completely rubbish, and I haven't done lashes since. I am looking for a trainer who is experienced in the lash industry and who and expert in their field. Any suggestions would be great x
  3. Tjo

    Reporting a company for treatment of staff

    Hi, I am having issues with a salon I previously worked at which I left due to being “self employed” but getting a hourly rate and being dedicated too with regards to hours worked etc There are 2 very young therapist who still work there and unfortunately don’t know that what they are doing is...
  4. Tjo

    The dreaded naming of your business

    Help Iv got to try and name my new business I’m going to be renting a room in a piercing and tattoo salon so I really want something to fit. I love names like Beautylicious but has been done way to many times I am considering Bootylicious Beauteous Be unique I really don’t want to use my...
  5. Tjo

    How do you survive in the beauty industry?

    Hi, I have been working in Beauty for over 6 years and as a single mum I have had to claim working tax credits along side my earnings to be able to survive. I have previously rented a room in a salon, and worked on a self employed basis on commission, I have struggled from day one. I have...
  6. Tjo

    Treatment of self employed therapists

    Hi geeks, I need to vent over how us therapist are treated by business owners. very few salons where I live seem to want to employ therapists, they are all wanting self employed. I have been self employed for 6 years and its really hard when your a single mum as you have no idea what money...
  7. Tjo

    Vacancy for an experienced nail tech, Essex

    We are a very busy nail and beauty salon based In Essex, and require an experienced nail technician to join our team. You will need to be confident in gel polish, gel nail extensions and infills/rebalance. Level 2 beauty therapy and advantage but not essential. This position is on a self...
  8. Tjo

    nail table to rent braintree essex

    A amazing opertunity has become available in a busy brow and nail bar in Braintree Essex. We have a nail table to rent, this will be on a self employed basis and is £80 per week You will be required to be CND trained or to an equivalent standard, with 2 years experience. The following...
  9. Tjo

    CND dog bowl dappen dish?

    Hi, Does anyone know where I can get a dapen dish similar to the CND dog bowl one, as they have discontinued them. Thank you
  10. Tjo

    Enhancements breaking after 2 days

    i did a clients nails on friday, l&p enhancements. I have just seen a message on my fb page saying one nail has broken and the others are lifting from the bottom. im still not 100% confident in my enhancements although iv been trained for 2 years iv probably only done 30 ish sets on clients. I...
  11. Tjo

    Scary quiet for a Saturday

    is anyone else quiet today, the last few Saturdays have been really busy but today so far all iv done is an eyebrow wax. Scary :( Sent from my GT-I8160 using SalonGeek mobile app
  12. Tjo

    1980's nails

    im doing a friends nails for a 80's weekend but im really stuck for ideas of what to create. any suggestions would be great thank you.x Sent from my GT-I8160 using SalonGeek mobile app
  13. Tjo

    How to find a nail technician to hire?

    help In desperate to find a nail tech for my salon as im having to turn away clients. iv got an advert in my window, have it on salon geek and the guild and gumtree. Iv contacted local trainers to ask them. what else can i Do Im asking for £20.00 per day rent. any help would be great x...
  14. Tjo

    Hair extensionist renting a space advice

    hi, i know nothing about hair extensions but have a brow and nail bar which is quite a good size and was wanting some advice as to whether extensionest would be interested in renting a space within a beauty salon? let me know your thoughts thanks Sent from my GT-I8160 using SalonGeek...
  15. Tjo

    Nightmare brow threading

    sorry need to advice Had a mum and daughter in for brow thread, I did the mums, after the thread i trim the brows however when i trimmed them a gap appeared in the brow which must have been hidden by some of the longer brows, the client assumed id thread it but 99% sure i didn't thread a...
  16. Tjo

    UK made enhancement products

    this may seem an odd question but does anyone know of a company that makes enhancement products in the UK . Thank you Sent from my GT-I8160 using SalonGeek mobile app
  17. Tjo

    Where to advertise for a good nail technician

    hi, does any one know some good places to advertise a nail station for rent. I am after a confident committed technician and am struggling to find one, who genuinely wants to work hard and build their business. Thank you Sent from my GT-I8160 using SalonGeek mobile app
  18. Tjo

    Nail Station to rent Braintree Essex

    A nail station is available in a modern Brow and Nail salon, In Braintree Essex. The salon is located in a busy walk through in the centrer of town close to Tesco. The nail station is rentable at £100 per week. You would need to be trained in the following: CND Shellac Enhancements. please...
  19. Tjo

    No one believes in me

    I need to rant sorry. My salon has been open 4 weeks and considering iv done no advertising it's been doing okay My mum in her wisdom rather than being happy for me decides to inform me that she wants no link to the business, guessing she assumes it will fail. My very good friend who in...
  20. Tjo

    CND UV Lamp?

    i have just been on sweet squared to order a second cnd lamp for my salon but i can't find them on the website. Any ideas why its not there? Sent from my GT-I8160 using SalonGeek mobile app