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  1. acwhiteh


    Hi there folks - I have just found out I am pregnant - me and fiance have been trying for 4.5 months and cant believe it's happened so quickly - was a bit of a shock really after all the let down of negative tests - anyway: went to the doctors last nite to get it confirmed - had an emergency...
  2. acwhiteh

    I feel awful!!!!

    Sorry to bother you - I really shouldnt put this on a thread but needed to share it with someone!!!! My boss is away at the moment (I work full time as a personal secretary and do nails mobile at night and weekends!) and when he goes on hols which is about 5/6 times a year I look after all his...
  3. acwhiteh

    Proud to be British!!!!

    Being British is about driving in a German car to an Irish pub for a Belgian beer, then travelling home, grabbing an Indian curry or a Turkish kebab on the way, to sit on Swedish furniture and watch American shows on a Japanese TV. And the most British thing of all? Suspicion of anything...
  4. acwhiteh

    Acrylic Nail Art Paint

    Hi there - I know some of you are probably going to tell me that this post is on this site a hundred times but I cant find it!!! Going to go to my local 'Hobbycraft' shop of the way home from work to get some nail art paints but want to make sure I get the right ones - do they have to be water...
  5. acwhiteh

    Using Bleach!!!!

    I have a client whose nails are always going yellow - and when i say yellow you cant even see the smile line - looks like she's had her hand in mustard!!!! Anyway I know its nothing in particular I am doing as I have same enhancements on myself and smoke as she does!!!! She has just confessed...
  6. acwhiteh


    Hi there - just wanted a bit of advice!! My mum has extremely bad eczema all over her hands and sometimes on her arms and legs etc. She has now been having tests with specialists for several months-they've told her it's the worst form of eczema you can get - that many layers of skin have come...
  7. acwhiteh

    Maternity Leave

    Hi guys - just wanted to ask a quick question - how long do you have to be in full-time employment before you are entitled to maternity leave? Is it 6 months or a year or does it depend on the job and if you go back after the baby's born do you have to do the same hours or can you go back...
  8. acwhiteh

    Display Nails

    I am wanting to transfer my nail art creations on to a nice display that I can take around with me - want it to look a bit more professional - I have been using up all the number 1 french manicure and natural tips I have for this purpose but wanna know what you guys use and where you go for them...
  9. acwhiteh

    How many of you work full time???

    Daft question really but just thought I would ask!! Is every geek a full time nail technician or are some of you employed full time. I work full time as a PA and work at night and weekends as a mobile nail technician - just wondered if anyone else was in the same position??? Clare
  10. acwhiteh

    No Table

    Hi there - I know this is a really stupid thing to be worrying about but I have only being doing nails mobile for a few weeks - what does everyone use when the client you are visiting doesn't have a table or anythong in there house - I own an REM mobile nail table/trolley which I could use but...
  11. acwhiteh

    Why is it taking me so long???

    I did a friend of a friend's nails last night - the ones she had on needing soaking off and a full new set put on. I put her a full set of acrylic on - white tips - no nail art and it took me nearly 3 hours once I'd finished - why's it taking me that long - if I put a full set on myself it...