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  1. fran_91xX

    Newly qualified

    does sound like she's put a lot of colour on it, as long as you explain that she may not get as blonde as she wants to be first time you highlight it but it will be a lot better for her hair condtion in the end it will be fine :) xxx
  2. fran_91xX

    Avant Garde

    Have you to the pintrest app? You can find so many pics on there are make mood boards, I love it :) just type in avant garde xxx
  3. fran_91xX

    Red hair

    Unfortunatly tint on top of tint goes darker. So no it won't work x
  4. fran_91xX

    Toner/semi permanent for bleached hair

    I advise you to go to a professional! You won't get a good result as it sounds like your hair is very porous in some places, so it will never be an even 'clean' blonde x
  5. fran_91xX

    Learn from each other's mistakes

    My worst was when I was training, I was razoring out a hairline and literally razored off someone's mole! It bled quite a lot luckily it was one of my friends so he was understanding, he got it checked out at the doctors and it was ok thank god. Lesson learnt; always check for moles around...
  6. fran_91xX

    Aveda colours

    The salon I work in uses mostly aveda and the colours are really fantastic! And are mixed as described above^ so they are totally customisable! Xxx
  7. fran_91xX

    Show us your hair!

    Wow thanks so much I totally did not know that! Shall defo be giving it a try :) xxx
  8. fran_91xX

    Brow pencil?

    Sneaking over from hair geeks but I just had to comment, I also use the Rimmel dark one and I'm strictly mac usually but it is fantastic :) xxx
  9. fran_91xX

    Show us your hair!

    Hey guys my colour is affinage b red, I use half red violet half red to get this colour, it's a high lift so you don't need to lighten first but if you hair is lighter it will be brighter, you can't use it on the roots though so you would need to use a different colour on the scalp, I use aveda...
  10. fran_91xX

    Show us your hair!

    Thanks everyone! Have not long had my fringe so feel much better now you guys approve :) xxx
  11. fran_91xX

    Before & After... continued

    Beautiful! X
  12. fran_91xX

    Show us your hair!

    Rockin red bangs :)
  13. fran_91xX

    Before & After... continued

    Here is the Paloma inspired do for the electro-swing ball as requested, thank you all very much for your lovely comments its very kind, looking forward to seeing everyone's pics :) xxx
  14. fran_91xX

    Before & After... continued

    I can't seem to find the other thread now? Anyway I had a lovely pm off someone about one of my hair ups that I posted, so thought I'd share another :) this was a vintage/1930s inspired 'do for a photoshoot, the models hair six shoulder length, thick and coarse in texture ( don't have a before...
  15. fran_91xX

    Where can I find this wrap around ponytail?

    Try BobbyGlam, the hair is nice and they have lots of colours, it's human hair and comes in different lengths xxx
  16. fran_91xX

    Oil in bleach

    We got told by a Moroccan oil person who came to the salon it was safe to put in bleach, I always do for weaker hair now and it's lovely, nice consistency, no drying of product etc. I duno about serum though :/ xxx
  17. fran_91xX

    Before & After... continued

    You can't use it on scalp, so I used an aveda 6 intense red on the roots, but I think it looks quite nice with a deeper red at the roots anyway :) xxx
  18. fran_91xX

    Before & After... continued

    Thanks very much :) for the red one? It's affinage b red. I have the red violet on my own hair, this is the true red. I love the shine and intensity it gives :) xxx
  19. fran_91xX

    Before & After... continued

    Hopefully iv finally worked out how to post pictures now! Lovely work by everyone by the way :) xxx
  20. fran_91xX

    Before & After... continued

    That was the after ( above) this is the before :D