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  1. pennijar

    Can anyone give advice

    Hi gang, As some of you know I have always had problems with my boss at the Charity I work for, this has been ongoing for nearly two years as you know I cut toe nails of the elderly. Well this week myself and the other girl I work with were summoned to a meeting with all the big bosses that...
  2. pennijar

    The Nail File Publication Have you had one yet

    Last night at college we were all given the first issue of this free publication, it is nails from beginning to end. Has anyone else had a copy yet? If so what did you think of it. I thought it was really good lots of articles plenty of ads etc. Joan
  3. pennijar

    Today I have enrolled for my NVQ Level 3 Nail Services

    I never thought I would see the day when I would get back to college, you all know the reasons I didn't go back last year so I won't go into them. I am as proud as punch, and can't wait for the new course to start. Any other geeks going to Wigan and Leigh College on the level 3 evening course...
  4. pennijar

    Joe90 back in hospital

    Joe90 and I have just been texting, she has been back in hospital since last wednesday, she got complications after her op, but she thinks she is on the mend now, I won't go into details but I think she will need a few hugs to welcome her back home and to Geeks:hug::hug::hug::hug::hug: Joan
  5. pennijar

    Devastating News last night

    Hi guys, As you know our little Lancashire Heeler Meggie had to have her lens in one eye removed a couple of weeks ago, I told you that I thought she had gone totally blind in both eyes, well last night when we went to the vets for the pressure tests etc we were told the devastating news that...
  6. pennijar

    Sorry I haven't been around for ages but!!!

    Hi guys, Sorry I havent been around for ages, it actually seems like forever but the 5 day fitting of our new B&Q kitchen is now into its fourth week the fit started on the 4th June and it is still not completed, it has been an absolute nightmare all the marble wall and floor tiles had to be...
  7. pennijar

    Devastating Bank Holiday

    Yesterday afternoon we had to take our eldest Lancashire Heeler to the Vets as her leg swelled up and she could hardly walk, we were told that the Cancer she has been battling for 5 years was finally overtaking her, we had to do the only thing we could for her we couldn't bear to see her so...
  8. pennijar

    Where have all the Pressies gone?

    Hiya yep I am back, I have not been online for what seems like ages there has been so much to do what with one thing or another. What is bothering me is that all my lovely bouquets and ribbons have disappeared off my posts, what have I missed? obviously something has happened while I have been...
  9. pennijar

    NSI L&P Techs

    As you guys know I am desperately trying to raise some cash towards Meggies next Vets Bill which comes next Monday. I am just wondering how many NSI L&P techs work in the Leigh (Lancashire) area. All the salons I see seem to have an NSI sticker in the window. If you are one of them and want...
  10. pennijar

    Konad Nail Art Stamping

    Do any of you use this system, I was just wondering as I was sat watching QVC yesterday (yes I know very sad) when a lady was on demonstrating their products of course it was nail related so my eyes came out on stalks to watch. It did look quite good but I was wondering do any of you use this...
  11. pennijar

    Emergency trip to vets this morning

    Got up this morning and we think our little Meggie the 6 year old Lancashire Heeler has lost the sight in one eye, it is a common problem in the breed, but we hoped it would never happen to one of ours, especially Meggie as she is the brain damaged one, we have to have her at the vets for 10am...
  12. pennijar

    Help with Geekbay

    Can anyone help, I put my very first advert on Geekbay, I have had 50 ish views of the item, but no response at all, have I done something wrong with the ad. I would be very grateful if you could check out if I have done anything wrong. Or if you could give me some tips on what I should have...
  13. pennijar

    Happy New Year

    I just want to wish each and every one of you a Happy and Prosperous New Year. 2006 is gone now and we all have a brand new start. Joan
  14. pennijar

    What Did You Get for Christmas

    Happy Christmas Everyone, Has Father Christmas Been and if so what did he bring you? He brought me My pair of Feather Footies off my Secret Santa Debs67 The Radley purse I have been wanting all year Smellies and bath products 2 cds the Simon Webb one and the new Westlife one 2 boxes of chocs...
  15. pennijar

    Trained or Not That is the Question

    Trained or Not That is the question, we seem to have lots of peeps around at the moment who seem to want to do their training via the experienced geeks on the site. OK on the face of it, but all the experienced geeks have taken time and paid out good money that perhaps they have had to really...
  16. pennijar

    Thank You Secret Santa

    I would just like to Thank You Victoria for all the hard work and time you have already given to being Cheif Elf for our Secret Santa obviously you still have quite a bit to do in partnering everyone up so you cannot rest yet, but soon you can then you can sit back and anticipate the arrival of...
  17. pennijar


    My hubby got home from work today to find that some b******s have hijacked his account and have listed 50 + Gucci handbags We are desperately trying to contact Ebay some of the items have been sold and paid for into a totally different account from ours. Please let me know if this has happened...
  18. pennijar

    Problem with my Employer

    I was wondering if any of you would give me some advice, as you know I work for a charity cutting toe nails for the over 50's, please excuse the next part but I feel a bit of background is needed before I air my problem. Each client on their first visit pays for a nail kit which contains a pair...
  19. pennijar

    NVQ certificates, is it just me?

    I was just wondering whether I am the only one who has not yet received my NVQ Level 2 Nail Services Certificate, we were told they would come through the post mid August, but so far nothing has arrived. Joan
  20. pennijar

    I'm Back

    Hi friends, I am back, still trying to get my head back together, but I am back, Mums funeral was on friday just gone 25th August. Now we have the hard job of clearing out Mums house, that is really really hard, but it has to be done, I have got loads of it here and am going to have to have a...