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    Please help-body wraps

    Hello skin care geeks I am trying to find a supplier in detoxifying body wraps maybe seaweed/mud/algae im looking for a Scottish supplier I want to do detoxifying spa treatment can someone please help and advise on good treatments thanks
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    Bed and Breakfast retreat

    Hi There PEEPS, I am looking for some Advise please !!! Or your thoughts on a bed&breakfast retreat , I live in a rural area of Scotland and I am hoping to provide aromatherapy treatments and massage Body maybe wraps? with a bed and breakfast stay .. Do you think this would work? is there any...
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    Bed and Breakfast Retreat

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    Training - Diploma/NVQ difference!

    Hi Can anyone help i have started doing beauty in the last few months and i am finding being able to do fast track course really helpful as i live 2 hours away from any training school or collage this is the only way i can do it till my little one goes to nursery maybe. my question is can i be...
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    I would like to get trained at doing spray tans

    HI I am looking for advise on training in your own home I have found a company D W beauty training .. and the come to you and train you, is this sort of thing any good? i dont want to pay out lots of money for crap training please help or any other threads on this ???
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    Mobile make-up

    Hi can anyone tell me what training do i need to do airbase makeup on clients and to get insurance i have no other experience in makeup , do i have to do a beauty course or can i just do the airbase make up course confused someone help please xx
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    Mobile waxing

    Hi can you tell me how u do your hair up do u have to be a fully qualified hairdresser of can you train doing just hair up. i really would like to offer that service to thanks x
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    Another airbrush question!

    hi can any of you girls tell me what qualifications do i need to do airbased makeup? i have no experience just starting out can i just train with them or do i need to do a beauty course? thanks
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    Shrinking Violet help

    Hi girls is there any videos anywhere ? youtube? with similar wrapping ? I would love for someone who does this product to show how they do the process , How it is carried out and removed??:D
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    Shrinking Violet results?

    i would like to see a video in this treatment?
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    Bio Slimming or Shrinking Violet body wraps?

    Hi there can you tell me if this would be suitable to do mobile? where i can buy it, and how is the course? thankyou
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    Website decisions!

    well worth getting a website mine is Beautiful Brown - Mobile Spray Tanning for Oban and local area made by Low cost website design from Emsleys Design
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    Website essential??

    checkk my website Beautiful Brown - Mobile Spray Tanning for Oban and local area made by Low cost website design from Emsleys Design i would recomend one
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    Cancellations through facebook

    need website? check mine Beautiful Brown - Mobile Spray Tanning for Oban and local area made by Low cost website design from Emsleys Design best way to book appointments
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    Body wraps, is extra training really needed?

    hi could you send me details too on how to purchase sv and info thanks [email protected]
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    Shrinking Violet body wrap

    Hi there can you please give me some more info on the shrinking violet? and where i can purchase it thanks .x
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    New Helia gun for HV5008

    Hi jakie can you tell me the best setting to use on this gun, my fresh indulgence tan came out all watery what am i doing wrong? thanks
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    Sienna X training or Fresh Indulgence?

    I did senna x training it took 3 hours fresh indulgance products are great and im sure there course would b to , i would t say there was alot of difference to be honest x
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    Sugaring or waxing? Advice for mobile therapist

    Hi what is ur website?
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    Scottish geeks!

    I am looking for recommendations to train in beauty i only do spray tans at the moment.. where is best to train? im sure i read the other day theres a company who could come to ur home and train you they were based in glasgow? there is so many places at all diffrent prices please help x