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  1. sabby33

    Colour advice needed

    Please no negative comments, I'm a graduate hairdresser from before lockdown so I'm trying to regain my knowledge. A friend asked me to colour her hair (picture from before and after below) she wanted all over scalp bleach (she had overgrown roots with bottom bleach hair already, she did her...
  2. sabby33

    Hair advice needed

    I have been going through a process of going blonde (my base colour is medium brown), I am finally there. I bleached my hair (always using only 20 vol) using oaplex 0 in between. I put color touch 10/6 lightest violet blonde but it did not life the ends or put a tint of violet through, would it...
  3. sabby33

    Looking for very petite nail tips

    Hi I was wondering if anyone could help me, I have a client who has very tiny fingers and short bitten nails. I had to use my smallest nail tips on every finger and adapt them to fit. I was wondering if I could buy petite nail tips from somewhere (small finger size) , I have tried looking but...