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  1. nems2013

    What’s the best light for taking nail photos?

    Hi everyone, I’m after a really good desk lamp that will be great for taking nail photos, can anyone help please?
  2. nems2013

    Advice needed on mobile storage

    Hi everyone I'm mobile at the moment and have the Roo beauty monsoon trolley. I am pregnant and worry every time I lift my case in and out the car as its so big and heavy. I'm trying to find two smaller bags/cases that won't be so hard to handle and can't decide on what to get next. I find the...
  3. nems2013

    E-file training?

    Last April I trained in acrylic extensions, it was a massive boost to my business and it's going better than I hoped. I was thinking of doing efile training, has anyone added this training on and how are you finding it? If anyone could tell me about their experience I'd love to hear it :)
  4. nems2013

    Gelish buy 3 get 4th free!

    I've been waiting for this offer all year long :) what's everyone planning on buying?
  5. nems2013

    Urban Cowgirl Gelish collection comparisons

    I'm thinking of getting a few colours from the new Urban Cowgirl Gelish collection. Has anyone got any photos of clients they've done with these colours? I've got 'you're so sweet you're giving me a tooth ache', is it anything like 'Tan my hide'? I've also got 'my Nightly Craving' is that...
  6. nems2013

    Which Lecente glitters?

    I'm stuck at which glitters to get next! I've already got a handful of stardust/glitters but next I want to try some iridescent/holographic ones. Please can anyone suggest what to get? What are your popular ones?
  7. nems2013

    Applying water decals on Gelish

    I'm struggling to get water decals to last with gelish. I did the whole gelish treatment through to the top coat, I buffed the top coat so there's no shine. Then prepared the water decals by soaking in water and pealing the film off and putting it on the gelish and then top it off again. I only...
  8. nems2013

    Pamper party trouble

    Hi everyone, Please help! Last night I went and did a pamper party, I turned up and the police were there. Two out of the five ladies had to give a statement for 3 hours. While that was happening I continued doing the other three ladies treatments, including gelish, cluster lashes and...
  9. nems2013

    Flower nail art, help!

    So a client wants French tomorrow and wanted some sort of flower nail art. I'm attaching two photos, they look like either decals or one stroke art, I don't do either. Has anyone got any suggestions on what simple but effective nail art design I could do? Please help!
  10. nems2013

    How to attach crystals?

    I'm doing some acrylic extensions tonight and i put gelish on top. The client wants quite a few crystals on a few of them and I was wondering what you all do to make them last? Normally I glue the gems on (using tip glue), I'll go over with structure gel and top it off and they still don't...
  11. nems2013

    Website for nail art decorations

    Hi everyone, just wondering what websites you all use for chunky glitters, nail art studs, striping tapes and nail decals?
  12. nems2013

    Easiest way to do this design?

    Hi everyone, one of my ladies is wanting this design tomorrow, I was wondering what's the beats way to achieve this look? I use gelish xx
  13. nems2013

    Which brand of lash extensions?

    hi everyone :) I was hoping to add on eyelash extensions soon. I was thinking to do my course in Chesterfield with Top Talons. Has anyone got any recommendations of what brand of eyelash extensions to use and why? I'd really appreciate some feedback!
  14. nems2013

    Gelish pastel colours

    Hello geeks :) Soon I want to get some gelish pastel colours but it's hard to see what they're like on the website. Do any of you have any pictures? I want them all to go together. I was wanting a blue, green, pink, yellow. They don't do a purple do they? If you could help I would be very...
  15. nems2013

    Removing acrylic nails. Help please!

    Hi everyone. So I've started up mobile beauty. I'm qualified in beauty therapy level 2 & 3. The services I offer are gellish and threading. I am not qualified in enhancements. I have a new client tomorrow and she wants me to remove her acrylic for her before I do the gelish treatment. I have...
  16. nems2013

    Pamper Pad

    I was just wondering if any one has advertised their business on Pamper Pad? Did it work? Thank you :)
  17. nems2013

    Nail Harmony Gelish VAT free

    Hi, just wondering if anyone knows when nail harmony has VAT free?
  18. nems2013

    Client record cards

    Hi everyone, I'm hoping some one can help me. I'm starting a mobile business that's mainly toward gelish nails. I'm also going to offer threading, lash and brow treatments. Just wondering what record cards are good to write all the information necessary? Not just aimed at beauty or nails of that...
  19. nems2013

    Gelish 'Do I Look Buff'

    Hi geeks, just wondering if anyone has a picture of the colour 'do I look buff'. I'm trying to find a nice gelish nude, or any other suggestions? Thanks :)
  20. nems2013

    Water decals and stamps

    Hi everyone, I'm just wondering wheres a good place to get stamps from and water decals? Been looking at everyone's nail art and the designs are amazing! Can you use these with Gelish under the top coat? Thank :)