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  1. hannajadem

    Do you think this is someone trying to wind me up or have I been unprofessional?

    I work from home and am moving next week to bigger premises. It's been on the card for a while and all my clients know about it but we didn't have a date set in stone until Friday. We are only moving 5 mins down the road to the next town over. I had a text from a new client on the 16th asking...
  2. hannajadem

    Self tan with SPF?

    Hi all, I'm not a skin geek so apologies if I'm posting in the wrong place. A client has asked me (don't know why as I'm a nail geek!) about a product she used to get from Dermalogica (?) that was an SPF 30 facial moisturiser with a hint of self tan. Don't know the name, but it's since been...
  3. hannajadem

    Shellac in Cheltenham

    I have a client for Shellac who is going back to Cheltenham where her family are from to get married. I'm doing her Shellac the day before the wedding but she thinks her mother will want it done too. Can someone recommend me a good Shellac tech who offers all the colours in this area? She...
  4. hannajadem

    Shellac Rosebud

    Hi all, I have a regular shellac client who has been through most of the colours now but last time she had rosebud which I don't do on many people other than layered with other colours. Three of her nails were shorter than the rest so I applied L+P enhancement to these and then shellac to...
  5. hannajadem

    Shellac and steam ?

    Hi all hope someone can help... I've been using Shellac since it's launch with no problems, all colours, layering etc and it's been great! Problem I've got is one client who's been having Shellac since Christmas Always has Rose Bud layered with Strawberry Smoothie. Last appointment she had...
  6. hannajadem

    Maternity allowance query

    Hi all, I'm starting my maternity leave soon (I'm self employed so am entitled to MA). I know I can work for 10 days during the entire leave without affecting my benefit. However, whilst I'm off I still need to cover direct debits that come out of my business account like my phone, website and...
  7. hannajadem

    Custom blending neon colours

    Is it possible to custom blend neon colours using CND powders or Brisa gels? I know the yellow gel is quite neon to start with but I'm wondering if it's possible to mix up a nice neon pink or blue for summer. I have all the primary and secondary colours and black and White. I'd rather not have...
  8. hannajadem

    Really upset, client complaint

    Hi there, sorry it's a long one! I haven't been on for a while because I am 17 weeks pregnant and feeling really ill still. I rent a space in a salon, and if you read some of my previous threads, it wasn't going very well as it was only myself and the owner and the phone was just left to ring...
  9. hannajadem

    VAT Increase and table rental.

    Ok so I have been renting my table in a small salon for a year now(just me and the owner work there). We had a review today where she said that the rent would be increasing in January, but when she told me the new rent it works out that my rent will be increasing by 11%. she blamed this on the...
  10. hannajadem

    CND tech in Portsmouth?

    Are there any techs on here from Portsmouth or Southampton area? I've recently put a full set of CND L+P on a lady on holiday from Portsmouth and she wants to keep having it done. Please pm me your number to give to her if poss. Thank you!
  11. hannajadem

    Discoloured polish

    I did a pedicure on a lady who returned 6 weeks later with polish still intact and she was really pleased. I did another pedicure for her holiday using CND colours and effects as before but a different colour combination (taffy pink and sapphire sparkle). She phoned this week to say that the...
  12. hannajadem

    Has anyone ever bought furniture from this supplier? I'm looking for a nail station with an electric vent and their prices seem very cheap compared to standard brands like REM and I'm wondering if it's too good to be true (although they are self assembly), as the p+p is also very reasonable. Any...
  13. hannajadem


    This is a simple situation which has escalated into a really complicated one. I rent a desk in a salon and only myself and the owner work there as two seperate businesses. I have a writen contract but absolutely no receipts have been given to me for rent since I started in November. I feel so...
  14. hannajadem

    Table/room rental again!

    Just a quick question: when you rent a space within a salon, is your stock covered by the salon's insurance incase of fire/theft etc or do you need your own insurance? Thanks in advance.x Posted via Mobile Device
  15. hannajadem

    Brisa opaque pink and white

    I've just completed my Brisa training this week and love the sheer pink and POW but am struggling with using sculpting white gel and opaque pink. I apply the white smile first (after bonder) then cure, but I don't think it's thick enough because once I apply the pink it drags over the white and...
  16. hannajadem

    training costs

    Does anyone know if training costs are allowed as a business expense, ie. Are they tax deductable? If not, what happens if the training includes products which are going to be used on clients? Many thanks.x Posted via Mobile Device
  17. hannajadem

    Instant lifting on one client

    Hi there, hope someone can help with this mystery? I gained a new client a few weeks ago and did a full set of CND L+P on her nails. She warned me at the time that she'd been to another nail bar with a good rep in the area a few years ago who also applied CND L+P which lifted badly the very...
  18. hannajadem

    Table rental

    I know this has been asked various times before, but I'm needing to know how flat rate table rental is calculated, i.e. not on a commision basis. My salon owner wants to increase my rent now that I am 'established' from £50 per week to £90. I know this is low based on other areas of the country...
  19. hannajadem

    CND Boomerang buffers

    I tried to order these as I usually do from S2 and I've been told that they are being discontinued? :cry: Does anyone know if this is true and will there be an alternative or better replacement? I love these files, they are good for smoothing out just before buffing.
  20. hannajadem

    Pedi model needed 7th March at ExCel

    Hi everyone I am looking for a model for the pedicure competition at ExCel. Its on the Sunday afternoon. Someone who is already going to ExCel and free of contraindications would be great. Please pm me if you can help! Posted via Mobile Device