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    New CND Masters in Ireland

    We are delighted to announce that we have 13 new CND Masters,who completed a week with Creative Academy Ireland in November. They spent a really gruelling entire week learning and perfecting their skills in all CND Systems.They were pushed out of their comfort zones every day in every way and...
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    Ideas and Tips Gratefully Received

    Hi, opening new Spa very soon,have chosen location,staff,and product ranges very carefully. However a new Spa opens almost daily - in this town!! I have read so much and learned so much on this site and now i really need your help. Clients expect a great service ,or they will go elsewhwere,i...
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    Help with nail questions BUT from a b.therapist manual???

    This week-end both my sister and myself are 2 of the five finalists for Irish Beauty Professional Association Nail Tech Of The Year.We have to perform a manicure on one hand (in 30 mins ) a full set on one hand(any overlay ) in 45 mins, and a written exam (30 mins ).We think we are ok on the...