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    Flat tips or nail tips?

    For those who fit bonds, do you have a preference between Flat Tips and Nail tips and why?
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    As I was thumbing through my colour rings

    Anyone else got the sjk colour ring? Mine arrived with a leaflet in some months ago and I have just noticed they have totally ripped off one of beauty works pictures...
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    Fine hair and hair extensions

    So I have samples of a few lengths and weights of nano rings and spoken to quite a few regular users who all say the same... They prefer 1g nano tips so they don't have to apply as many to get the same effect and also they're less noticeable because less are installed. I still can't get my head...
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    Nano rings

    Hello geeks this is my first post. Recently trained in several methods of hair extensions but struggling with nano ring suppliers. I have not fitted any nano rings yet but most suppliers seem to sell 1g per strand nano rings. Does anyone else think this is too heavy?