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  1. peg77

    Gelish Pink

    Hello Nail Geek! I have a gelish client who would like a full coverage pink, preferably without a glitter effect. I find the gelish charts don't give a great idea of actual colour and was hoping some geeks could recommend. Thanks:biggrin:
  2. peg77

    New Look Promo

    Hi Has anybody been contacted by New Look about their mini manicure promo? I f the customer spends a certain amount on their account card they get a free mini manicure, which they can redeem at a salon in their area. The mini manicure is given free of charge by the salon but no advertising...
  3. peg77

    Gelish Black Shadow and Jet Set

    Hi, Do any of you know if Jet Set is a pure black. Black Shadow out of stock at the moment and wanting a similar colour. Thanks :biggrin:
  4. peg77

    Illamasqua make up courses

    I really love Illamasqua Make Up and fancy doing one of their courses. Have any of you been on one of their courses? If so, what did you think? Done a search on here and can't find anything and also searched for reviews on google but can't find any impartial reviews! Please let me know if you...
  5. peg77

    Express Lashes!

    Hey! The town my salon is in has another salon which a few of my customers have been to to get what i can only imagine to be express lash extensions. They say it only takes her 10 mins and they last 2 weeks, but they only pay £10! Is this the going rate for express lash extensions? I have done...
  6. peg77

    How's everybody finding Shellac?

    I know quite a few of you have started using the shellac system now and i'm really interested in getting this into my salon. I'm wondering how your clients have found it (had any feedback)? Is it lasting as long as claimed? No lifting? Would love to know your thoughts so far. Thanks! :?:
  7. peg77

    Sienna x salon/therapist finder

    Do any of you have your details on the salon finder page of the sienna x website? Or know anything about it, if it gets them any clients etc. Thanks:)
  8. peg77

    Universal Contour Wrap

    Hi, Do any of you use the universal contour wrap in their salons? If so is it a popular treatment? Worth it? thanks.
  9. peg77

    Jane Iredale make up

    Anybody heard of or like/dislike jane Iredale make up?
  10. peg77

    Primavera and Lavera skincare

    Hello, does anybody know anything about the Primavera or Lavera skincare ranges? I'm looking to get a new range in, but other products seem to be really expensive to start up, £3,000 to £6,000 on average!!! They sent me great info pack and lots of samples and are organic and vegan friendly...
  11. peg77

    Sienna x training in manchester

    I'm due to do my training with sienna x in manchester on mon 26th jan, still haven't had any info on where it will be and the office was shut today! Does anybody know where the training is held and what time it usually starts, will ring again on mon morning but am a little worried!
  12. peg77

    Intimate waxing course

    Hi, anybod know of decent intimate waxing course in NE area? keeps getting cancelled at my local college.
  13. peg77

    Liquid & Powder Systems

    Just started doing acrylics again after using uv gel for a long time. What's your favorite brand/system?
  14. peg77

    Sienna x Training

    Hi, anybody been on a Sienna X spray tan training course? What did you think? Do you like the system?