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  1. Ragdoll >^..^<

    Birmingham comp results???

    Anyone know who won what in Birmingham yet ?? im itching to know :lol:
  2. Ragdoll >^..^<

    High street skin care

    Please don't shoot me down all you skin care ladies :Scared: i normally use all Dermalogica products, love using it, but im desperately trying to pay off my credit cards and save a few pennies. Can you recommend a good (cheep) brand i can use whilst in this little financial blip ? I was...
  3. Ragdoll >^..^<

    Best training for lash extensions???

    Im thinking about training to do lash extensions. Its fast becomming very popular where i live and ive seen some shocking lashes and some fantastic ones, and the price varies dramatically! Are the 3D lashes the best? and where is the best place/company to train with ? Thanks in advance for...
  4. Ragdoll >^..^<

    Pro Nails mag???

    I havn't subscribed to an industry mag for a few years now, and i would like to get one again. Im sure there used to be a Professional Nails Mag - PN ? I cant seem to find it on the professional beauty website. Am i being blind or do they not do a seperate mag for nails anymore?
  5. Ragdoll >^..^<

    Who's up for Birmingham then?

    Just booked our hotel for the Birmingham nec show. Anyone else going and entering any comps? im still deciding which to enter! lol
  6. Ragdoll >^..^<

    Birmingham Nail comp

    Well - fresh back from Excel, fire re-lit and raring to go ! but i cant find any info on the nail comps at the nec Birmingham ??? are there any ? Iv'e been on the beautyserve website and there is a link on the right hand side but it doesnt seem to re-direct me anywhere :confused: can anyone shed...
  7. Ragdoll >^..^<

    Caught speeding

    My hubby got caught speeding today, he was doing 47 (or it might have been 49) in a 30mph :irked: Stupid stupid man ! im so mad with him ! it's his first offence. He's worried he will get a bann ! does anyone knowif thats likely ??? im so angry with him, im allways telling him to slow down ...
  8. Ragdoll >^..^<

    Professional Beauty Nail Competition

    Hi geeks I havn't been on here for aaages ! don't suppose anyone has missed me though lol anyway - i am really undecided as to whether to enter the pro beauty nail comp in march, i havn't entered a comp for about 3 years now i think ! not sure if the rules have changed, have i been left behind...
  9. Ragdoll >^..^<

    The Great Geeky Weigh-In !

    :rolleyes: Hi Guys, Are you all like me and desperately trying to shed a few pounds before christmas ? yes ? Im doing weight watchers which is great and i lost 6lbs in 2 weeks (yeay) but then i had my daughters birthday, then my nephews birthday and its all gone terribly wrong :irked: I...
  10. Ragdoll >^..^<

    How many clients ?

    I was just wondering as i flop onto the couch after a hard day's work, looking after 3 kids, tesco's, altering halloween costumes, cooking, running kids around, oh and 4 clients ! Am i mad ??? are we all mad??? is it just me??? Why oh why did i book in sooo many clients IN THE HALF TERM :eek...
  11. Ragdoll >^..^<

    'just a job'

    Do you ever get bored of your job? I have been doing nails for 8 years now and up until now ive loved my job. but, just recently i am getting so bored of it, same old clients, same old nails, same old everything ! I feel stuck in a rut, and upset because i always said that if i ever stopped...
  12. Ragdoll >^..^<

    Mobile phones......

    Hiya, just a quicki, im due an upgrade, i am considering the LG Secret. has anyone got one? are they any good? ive never had Lg before, allways had Nokia's but really fancy a change this time.
  13. Ragdoll >^..^<

    My new position !

  14. Ragdoll >^..^<


    Just thought id let you all in on my new venture ! I have just become a new rep and trainer for Couture Tan ! :) I will cover the Southern areas. I am so excited about my new little business and i totally believe in the product, its fantastic. If anyone is interested in training with Couture...
  15. Ragdoll >^..^<

    Think i might have a frozen shoulder

    I woke up yesterday morning and i couldn't move my arm very much, the pain is all in the top of my left arm. I thought i had slept on it funny and it would wear off, but it didnt. I cant put ANY pressure down on my hand and i can't twist it or put my arm up very high, its really painfull :cry...
  16. Ragdoll >^..^<

    Are you happy with where you work ?

    Hi all, just thought id show you all my new home salon, Ive worked from home for 7 years now but ive moved rooms and it feels much more 'salon' like and cosy :) my house is very open plan, and my room is next to the kitchen (great for making tea and coffee) and there is a bathroom just off my...
  17. Ragdoll >^..^<

    Name the Kitten !!!

    I need some help naming my new kitten :) Has anyone got any ideas ? This isnt actually her in the photo but she is a seal mitted girl just like these two. Her prefix is Bleugems so her name has to be 'Bleugems ...............' She is only 6 weeks old at the moment, i cant have her till she's...
  18. Ragdoll >^..^<

    my new website !

    Hi all, this is way off the subject of nails, hair or beauty, but im so pleased with my new website :lol: tell me what you think of it :) !! xxx Dolly Daydreams Ragdoll Cats - Home Page
  19. Ragdoll >^..^<

    Downsizing photos ???

    I'll admit it - im not a whiz on the computer, i get by but there has to be an easier and quicker way to downsize photos to add them to my photo albums on this site :confused: i was adding photos to my profile yesterday, and the only way i could do it was to email each photo to myself first...
  20. Ragdoll >^..^<

    Dermalogica v Comfort Zone

    Hi skin geeks :hug: Just wondering which you think is better, Dermalogica or comfort Zone ???? I really need to buy myself new skincare products, pushing 36 so i figure i really should seriously start taking better care of my skin :rolleyes: I am very eratic with it - when im good im very very...