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    Why does my client think this is OK?

    I know how you feel. I had one lady that had gels from another nailtec and she wanted them off and she wanted new nails. I booked her and she never came. She dident call or anything. Its really bad when they do that. One thing Is to forget and call to rebook or just to call and say they forgot...
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    Brisa Gel?

    I see. I will try the CND lamp then.
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    Artisan FlexGel

    Hello. Yes you can go to youtube they have all the instruction there. Artisan FlexGel Nail Powder - An Acrylic Powder Gel Nail System - YouTube Good luck.
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    Brisa Gel?

    How strong Is the UV lamp from CND ? If think Its because of the tip. I used a natural tip and can see now that I have to use a clear tip. I cant see the problem If cnd lamp Is 36 w and mine Is 36 w. But If I use a white tip and sheer pink over that do I need to use clear building gel also or...
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    Hot waxing legs?

    I use roll on wax. Its easy. And If Its hurts I put on some organic relaxing oil wipe It away and start waxing. Less pain. Had a klient some days ago and she dident feel any pain.
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    Brisa Gel?

    No Im not but It cures the the pink and clear gel good. Its 36 w. But maybe I will buy the cnd one. Of course but Its much more fun when you already kind of know what you are doing. It also costs less money If you know more in advanse. The less you know the more time and money you need to...
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    Brisa Gel?

    Some say that you dont need to file using this system. But in the video I can see that she uses a 180 grit file after the building gel is cured and the sticky layer is removed and then she ends It with Brisa gloss.
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    Brisa Gel?

    Thanks I will try that :D
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    Cheap UV lamps?

    What does cnd uv lamp cost ?
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    What is the difference between Solar Oil and cuticle oil?

    I belive Its the same as long as you use a cuticel nail oil that has quality. I use one that goes with the system I use(resin) and contains different oil blend like sesame, lavendel, almond, vit e and some other I cant remember.
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    Brisa Gel?

    Hehe oh yeah and thats why I try to get It right and practise alot before taking class in Brisa Gel so I dont look like a dumbass hehe. Wish they had training videos in other languages. Im used to work with powder so Brisa really kills me with all the information that messes up my head. Now Im...
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    What nails are you sporting today?

    I just have sheer pink brisa gel mixed with gold shimmer.
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    Brisa Gel?

    Hello. First I have to say that English is not my fist language so If Its hard to understand me just say so ;) I bought Brisa Uv gel kit and struggling a bit with this. I've seen the video but, I do not understand the system completely. Do dont know if it's because of the language but I can...