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  1. salj


    Does anyone else live with a snorer? I love my fiancé but he snores so loud he could wake the dead. I wear earplugs but all they do is irritate my ears. Spend a lot of nights in the spare room! Anyone wanna commiserate with me?
  2. salj

    Facials training

    I don't currently offer facials but I think I might like to start. I am trained in them (Level 2 NVQ), however, I qualifed about 8/9 years ago now and I haven't really done one since so I need some refresher training. Can anyone recommend anywhere that might do this? I was thinking of Eve...
  3. salj

    Concealer recommendations?

    Hello fellow MUAs I need some recommendations for concealers to try. I have a few in my kit but they are all quite creamy and I'm finding that on some brides/clients they crease under the eyes and this obviously is not a look I want for anyone. The best concealer I ever used was MAC pro...
  4. salj

    Covering tattoos with Airbase-anyone have tips?

    Hello fellow geeks, Does anyone have any experience of covering tattoos with airbase? I was told on my training we could do this but were not given much instruction on it. I was watching a youtube vid by someone from Kett using their waterproof airbrush foundation to do this and was...
  5. salj

    Reaction to patch test

    Hey hair geeks, just after a bit of advice about colouring. My friend had booked me into the salon she goes to for a t-section of highlights tomorrow but I’ve had a reaction to the patch test they did last night (it is red and a bit sore/weepy in the area they put the tint). So obviously...
  6. salj

    Is gel polish a no-no for a job interview/trade test?

    I'm doing a trade test/interview in a salon at the weekend and I was just interested to see opinions on this. Currently I've got red sparkly gel polish on, with a snowflake on my accent finger. It looks great (I think) but when I was at college we were told no polish was allowed. They do offer...
  7. salj

    What makes you feel old?

    Cuz I have a good one for you.... This week would've been Scott & Charlene in Neighbour's silver wedding anniversary. Yep, 25 years ago that was. And I still remember the song!
  8. salj

    Outback Organics ingredients

    Hey guys and gals, does anyone who uses outback products know if the products are vegan (both waxes and pre/post products)? If not, can someone who uses them please have a look at ingredients lists for me and post (or post/PM me a pic of the ingredients?) if you're not sure. I've been...
  9. salj


    OK I feel like I may be alone here but is anyone else SUPER EXCITED for Eurovision?? My friend has a party every year and we have food, drink and score cards. I've just finished watching the first Semi that I taped last night and I am sad that the Social Network song didn't get through (San...
  10. salj

    Dancing Geeks?

    There's a running geeks thread and now I'm wondering if there's any dancers among us?? I do ballroom dancing (standard and latin) lessons - got my first comp later this year! Scary. I also took up salsa lessons just before christmas and go 2 nights a week, 2 lessons each night. On tuesdays...
  11. salj

    IPL Question

    I hope it's ok to post this here, but I have a question for anyone with knowledge about IPL. I'm having treatment every 6 weeks at the moment and on the list of aftercare it says I can't take any antihistamines. Does anyone know why this is?? I googled but couldn't find anything. I love my...