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  1. VivaLaDiva

    Salt spray? Conditioning spray?

    Hi everyone, any advice on this.... I straighten my hair daily, it's naturally wavy and I'd like to make the most of its natural wave. If I blow dry it, it's quite a big and fluffy wave, couldn't really wear it like it; but the other day after styling it as normal I went out in the rain and got...
  2. VivaLaDiva

    Salt spray? Conditioning spray?

  3. VivaLaDiva

    Which straighteners are the best?

    Hi everyone, Although Ghd's straighten well I'm absolutely convinced they are damaging my hair and it just looks dry even though I use heat protection etc. I'm not convinced straighteners need to be 210c or whatever they are and I was wondering as professionals if you guys think there's is a...
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    Which straighteners are the best?

  5. VivaLaDiva

    Jessica training...Monday?!

    Hi everyone, Im doing my Jessica Manicure training in Portsmouth this Monday and Pedicure training on Tuesday, Im quite excited and I know this is a bit of a long shot but wondered if anyone else is booked on it?... Im going all on my own!
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    Name Change?

    Hey, does anyone know if or how you can change your name on here? Im not really keen on mine, dont know why I chose it!!!
  7. VivaLaDiva

    kirsten florian

    Ive got a friend who is starting a new job and will be using Kirsten Florian facial products, has anyone heard of them or does anyone use them?
  8. VivaLaDiva

    Is roller wax hygienic?

    I was wondering if anyone could help me...I learnt to wax using spatulas, but where I work we use the roller wax system, I find it much easier and less messy, I would like to get one at home, but was just thinking the other day is it hygienic, to roll it on one clients skin, then another? does...
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    hi i was just wondering if anyone here could help me! I had highlights last christmas and after repeatedly having my roots done it went far to blonde for my liking so i decided to go dark! This however was a big mistake because it went BLACK! :eek: So my hairdresser stripped some of the...
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    Can anyone help me?

    Hi, Im a Beauty/Holistic therapist, and Im absolutly useless with hair, I dont have a clue. Anyway, I used to have high lights in my natural hair, tint not bleach, then I decided I wanted to go dark again, I went to a different hairdresser than usual (big mistake!) I wanted it dark brown but...
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    More help please

    How do you get little sayings or pictures at the bottom of each thread you post?
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    Avatar help

    Hi, I wanted to change my avatar, so I got rid of the old one, now I cant remember how to put one on, can anyone help? x
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    Beauty School?

    Hi, did anyone watch Beauty school on Sky Three? I loved it, its finished now. Obviously they were repeats, just wondering if anyone knew what channel it was on origionally, or if theres going to be a new series?... Cant get enough of it!
  14. VivaLaDiva

    Silk Nails

    Hiya, when I trained in nails I learnt Acrylic and Silk/Fibreglass, I just wondering if anyone does Silk of Fibreglass nails (never really see anything written about them) What prices do you charge, what do you think of them?
  15. VivaLaDiva

    3d Nail Art

    Hiya, 3D Nail art? how do you do it and where can I learn it?
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    I think its called threading, a way of hair removal. Just out of interest has anyone seen it being done? or can anyone do it?
  17. VivaLaDiva

    Nail art forum?

    Didnt there used to be a nail art forum? or maybe there still is and I cant find it...or maybe I imagined it!
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    Hi, just typing out my price list, have a few questions for you... does anyone do bleaching? Do you get much call for it? What do you thnik it should be priced at? (different areas)
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    Hi, I just put something I wanted on Geekbay and it says I have one comment, does that mean someone has replied? If it does, how do I read this comment? Thanks. x