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  1. lilly

    Halo gel help

    No wipe now! I've a feeling that I've been using dip acrylic for so long I've forgotten what gel feels like! It's not as hard as acrylic !
  2. lilly

    Free reign!

    If you had free reign to colour this hair what would you do ?? It's slightly more faded now, base around 8, no white
  3. lilly

    Halo gel help

    60 seconds and it's top coat, I've changed my lamp and used no wipe top coat, it's a bit better, maybe it because Im used to the feel of acrylic!?
  4. lilly

    Halo gel help

    I'm using halo over acrylic but I'm finding even after curing the top coat still feels a bit rubbery??
  5. lilly

    Hard gel top coat

    Can anyone recomend a hard gel led top coat?
  6. lilly

    Gel over acrylic peeling

    It appears that base is needed under top it off.... even over acrylic, so my question has been answered!
  7. lilly

    Gel over acrylic peeling

    My 'good' lamp is a gelish lamp and I use gelish, and nails are well prepped roughed not buffed.
  8. lilly

    Gel over acrylic peeling

    When I use gelish top coat over acrylic it peels, I don't buff smooth and have a good lamp. Do you put base under first? Or are there any gel top coat that don't need bases?
  9. lilly

    Nail tips

    Hi, Im just getting back in the nail business, I used to use well less tips from Pro impressions but Id like advice on which tips are best for flat nails and a 'normal' nail. Also are well less or a small well best?
  10. lilly

    Portable e-file?

    Can anyone recomend a reasonably priced portable efile or one that isn't to bulky to carry around?
  11. lilly

    Dip nails

    Hi, im just starting with dip ( I'm crap at traditional l and p!) how are you finding the dip and what about pricing? X
  12. lilly

    Is this Onycholysis?

    Thanks for your reply. She had a visit to the Dr months ago and they were certain it wasn't fungal, it's just strange because it's shown no signs of growing out.
  13. lilly

    Is this Onycholysis?

    Thanks for your reply. t's been like it for well over 6 months and she's a fast grower
  14. lilly

    Is this Onycholysis?

    A client hit her nail months ago, this never seems ro repair itself but doesn't seem to get any worse, is it likely to be Onycholysis?
  15. lilly

    Filing away lifting

    Hi all, I gave up nails a couple of years ago because I didn't have enough confidence..... I'm going to give it another shot!! I've invested I kiera sky dipping system because A. I can't stand the l and p smell and B. I like to soak off C. Strength with tips The one thing I fear is lifting, I...
  16. lilly

    Kiara Sky/SNS/Cuccio/Gelish, which brand is best?

    Hi, im keen to try Kiara sky dip, I’m trying to find a UK distributor in the Hertfordshire area so I can pick up rather than wait for delivery ?
  17. lilly

    Bio Life perm

    I’ve got a client who wants a perm and originally told me she had bleach and hi lift tint. I’ve picked up a biolife number 2 which is for heavily highlighted, hi lift etc.....she’s now told me she has an ordinary tint with a few bleach foils !!! Would the number 2 be ok to use ??
  18. lilly

    Kiera Sky advice

    Just reading up about dipping as I hate the l and p smell, do Kiera sky sell in Aston and fincher or Sally’s ?
  19. lilly

    Perming with tint and bleach?

    Hi. I’ve a client with very fine shoulder length hair who wants more body. her daughter colours her hair with tint and bleach foils ( she doesn’t do perms ) I only use bio life on non coloured hair, any suggestions on which perm to use on coloured and bleach ??
  20. lilly

    Soakable polygel

    Are there any professional polygels that are soak off ? I’d like to try polygel after stopping l&p because of the smell but would rather be using a soak off !? X