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    Juice plus diet powder?

    Hi, a good friend of mine from Germany started selling Juice Plus as a distributor, she now has over 150 distributors under her management, she now works from home a few days a week and given her lifestyle I am guessing she makes a lot of money from it. I think it is a good product and...
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    Ellisons VAT free?

    Maisiemouse is correct I get VAT free or more so discount offers quite often as I use them a lot but always CND products are not included. :sad:
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    CND Shellac starter kit - Ellisons

    I got my starter kit too no problem, however the lamp was in a completely different ellisons box to the rest of the order so it maybe that there has been a mistake from the delivery driver.
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    Finding jobs abroad and moving

    I have been living in Corfu for 12 years (but moving back to the UK in OCtober). I think it would be very difficult to get a job in a local salon even with your diploma especially in Greece (not so sure about Spain). I have the same qualification as you, plus lots of others qualifications and...
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    Pregnant spray tan

    Not advisable to spray in the first trimester.
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    Hi Lovely room by the way - I can ask if you know what size it is??

    Hi Lovely room by the way - I can ask if you know what size it is??
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    New to nails

    Thank you!!:biggrin:
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    New to nails

    Hi guys Just a quick questions I am new to nails and have been reading through all your interesting and informative posts, I just wanted to know what is L&P???