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  1. weezie

    Novel spray tan remover

    Not been on the geek for ages as I've had a baby and so have little time for beauty and not going back to work for a while but was just getting a spray tan from my husband and got a drip of tan down my leg, the kind that never comes off. Then dripped a bit of expressed breastmilk down my leg...
  2. weezie

    Removing lash extensions

    Hey geeks, I've lashed my cousins lashes 4 weeks ago and she lives 3 hours away from me. Her false lashes have nearly all come out now but she has a few odd ones left in that look odd. Has anyone had any success removing a few odd lashes without remover? I know it's not very professional but as...
  3. weezie

    TV program on hair extensions tonight SKY

    "Really"-Channel 248 on Sky or Virgin Media channel 267 has a program this evening at 10pm called Jamelia Whose hair is it anyway. Thought this may be of interest to hair geeks. It's about where hair extensions come from.
  4. weezie

    Watch this it's very funny!

    I put this in a blog but it deserves a post on the main forum too! Don't worry I'm pretty sure it's juice! YouTube - Baby trashes bar in Las Palmas
  5. weezie

    Insurance while carrying out case studies

    I assumed that if I trained for something new I would be insured for case studies under my beauty insurance. I just called to check and found out I am not! Does anyone know of an insurer who will do this? And can you charge your models? It's for eyelashes.
  6. weezie

    Biosculpture nail polish and sculpture

    Two questions please. The first one is that on the course I was taught for sculpting to do: Prep One layer of clear, cure Free edge gel overlapping natural free edge slightly and cure S-gel cure Then what ever effect you want over the top e.g two layers of cured colour and finish with required...
  7. weezie

    IPad only has mobile version available

    With the ipad when I click go to the normal version of the salon geek it seems to redirect me back to the mobile version again, please can this be changed so it goes to the normal version which the iPad is capable of displaying. Thanks (do I need to pm the Geek or will he read this?) Posted via...
  8. weezie

    Lash removal and reapplication

    I was wondering can you remove an old set of lash extensions and then put on a new set straight away? Will the remover react with the prepping fluid? I did my training recently and wanted to remove my mum's lashes as they were too long and practice a new set on her. If not do I use the prep...
  9. weezie

    Sit up electric couches

    Any suggestions for electric couches that can sit up like a chair please? i.e one I can use a pedicure bowl in front of to soak a clients feet and then lay them back flat and is also sturdy for massage. There seems to be such a vast difference in prices when I try to research and I don't want...
  10. weezie

    You couldn't make it up!

    This is so funny! It's a woman who is upset as she has been told she is not allowed to shop in Tesco in her pyjamas BBC News - Pyjama-wearing mother barred from shopping at Tesco :lol: If anyone watches Gavin and Stacey they will find it even funnier as it's like a sketch from the show!:eek:
  11. weezie

    Colouring course

    I am currently doing a cutting course in London but was looking to see if there is a colouring course for beginners that anyone knows of that I would be able to get insurance after. All the ones I've found are for experienced people or include cutting. Thanks in advance :hug:
  12. weezie

    The seasons most expensive Christmas card

    My brother made this video and I thought I would share it as it's quite funny, I think he goes a bit Jamie Oliver at one point as does one of the comments below the video which made me laugh as it's exactly what I said to him after he made it! Video: Make the world's most expensive Christmas...
  13. weezie

    Nice touches in hairdressers

    Putting this in chit chat as it's not a question. I just had my hair done in a Japanese run salon and was interested to see what was done differently if anything. I thought I would pass on the things I enjoyed to hair geeks as you may want to do them yourselves. The wash basin chairs folded...
  14. weezie

    Assessment without the college course

    I have been looking into hairdressing for a while now and am going to do a 18 week basic womens cutting course and a 16 week barbering course (simultaneously- one on tuesday nights and one on wednesday nights) at my local college to see if I would be any good but it doesn't lead to any formal...
  15. weezie

    Hands free massage Brockenhurst college (New Milton site) sat 24th Oct

    Does anyone want to do this course on the 24th October it won't run unless enough people enrol Brockenhurst College : NHF516 Hands Free Massage I want to do it! :hug:
  16. weezie

    Starting hairdressing

    I have been thinking about doing a course in hairdressing I am initially going to do this 18 week course evening: Hairdressing: Basic Women?s Hair Cutting, Hair and Beauty, South Thames College and then see how I feel about it after that. I really fancy the challenge of something different. I...
  17. weezie

    Starting a beauty school

    This is a bit of a strange thread in my mind as I am just putting the idea out there as it is something I would love to do but it's a massive commitment financially and time-wise- has anyone thought of opening up their own beauty school? I know a few geeks do training and they may have thought...
  18. weezie


    I've always been a bit dubious about some parts of aromatherapy. When I trained I found that too many of the oils seemed to cover too many conditions. I do however believe in some of the properties of oils, the ones that have been scientifically proven, for example the healing properties of...
  19. weezie

    Unbelievable facial treatment/con I'm sure someone will have it done but the line "After manual lymphatic drainage, pure 24-carat sheets are placed over your face, followed by more nano mist and a gentle massage until your skin absorbs all the gold" amazed me surely it's...
  20. weezie

    A real life superhero

    This news article made me go arrh, so cute! BBC NEWS | World | Asia-Pacific | Thai 'Spider-Man' to the rescue