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  1. FrenchQueen

    HELP bikini Wax Nightmare

    OMG Today I tried a new salon for my bikini was and now i'm i'm in extreme pain and it hurts to walk. It looks like she has taken the top layer off my skin It's swollen weeping and it hurts so bad. I have had many a bikini wax and never experienced this before. I know this is so not right.Why...
  2. FrenchQueen

    Can any Australian geeks help me?

    I have this acrylic brush that I have been trying to find forever. My first salon employer bought it for me in australia somewhere and I'm dying to find a new one as you can see this one has seen better days and now sits in my brush case making me sad lol. I have creative and entity brushes that...
  3. FrenchQueen

    Friends nails.. At home, at the salon or not at all??

    Reading another thread today has made me curious. Every time I tell someone I'm a nail tech first they say "don't look at my nails" then always " I bet your friends love you" lol Sure they do.. and yes I do most of their nails. I have a nail room at home where I play around and also do my...