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  1. Dutchie13

    Magic gel remover

    Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone has tried this product. It's called Magic Soak Off Gel Remover. I have had a few clients asking if what I think of it as it has been on Instagram and FB. But you apply it like a polish and watch the gel peel off without any use for buffing etc. My concern is...
  2. Dutchie13

    Soft nails

    Hi All, Wondering if you can help me out. I have a client that has very soft nails. She does not want any kind of polish so I am looking for a strengthener or another product that will help the nails. She is actually does pedicures and believes the softness comes from having her hands in the...
  3. Dutchie13

    Chemo and gel nails?

    Hi all, I have just had a new client that has informed me she has terminal cancer and will be having chemo (in tablet form) for the rest of her life. Her nails are pretty brittle as you can imagine and she wants a gel polish. I know that after chemo you can resume having your nails done but does...
  4. Dutchie13

    Gelish new colours

    Hi All I am going to purchase 3 new Gelish colours and to try and avoid buying colours that look good on swatches I was wondering if anyone can recommend colours for me. I am looking for a good natural colour with 2 new colours for the Autum/Winter. Thanks Ps I am sure this has been covered...
  5. Dutchie13

    Gelish aftercare

    Hi All I am new to this so please bear with me as my question may have already been asked and answered loads of times, but here goes. I have a few clients that are complaining of their nails breaking or being thinner after the Gelish has been removed. Has anyone else had this and if so have you...