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    Best lash extension training?

    It’s a minefield! Where does everyone recommend to train?
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    Best spray tanning course?

    I’ve done so much research but just can’t decide! What would you recommend ladies? Best training and the best kit? X
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    Has anyone done the Skinny Tan training?

    If so what are people's thoughts? I love the products and would love to train with them. Just thought i would see how people rated their training?
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    How do I apply a watermark to my nail photos?

    So i've just recently had a logo created and i can't figure out how to apply it to my photos as a watermark for Insta :( Do i need an app? Do i need to do it on the computer? Do i need photoshop? Soooo frustraiting! PLEASE SEND HELP ASAP!
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    Best way to attract new clients?

    Hi all, I'm currently working 4 days a week in a local salon and then use the rest of my time for doing treatments (predominantly nails, although i offer waxing & eye treatments as well). I'm qualified with Gelish and about to start my prohesion training with nail harmony in Feb which i'm super...