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    A possible solution to Eyelash Extensions falling out

    I got an e-mail from one of the members of this board and thought I share my advice with the rest of the forum. I have left her name out to preserve her privacy. So here's what she wrote. (To seasoned fellow lashers out there, please feel free to add to this.) :hug: "I wondered if you can...
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    Eyelash extensions for Asian eyes by "poshlash"

    k, I think that working on someone who's asian is difficult in many aspects, but it can also be the easiest. Here's my reason why... It's difficult because we have very thin lashes, and make it so flippin' difficult to isolate... (Once you have the isolation down pat, the rest is much easier.)...
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    Looking for "poshlash" for Eyelash Extensions pointers and ideas?

    Hey all lashers, I was kindly clearified of where I should be posting my random ideas and pointers as they come up and it wasn't here on this part of the forum. A couple of my threads were moved to a more appropriate part of this vast website and this is where I will be posting...
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    Patch Testing for EE

    Hi all lashers! :hug: I have read several posts on Patch Testing for EE and found there were some conflicting ways. I thought maybe I can share with you the way I patch test and my reasoning behind it. I hope that some of the experienced lashers can jump in and add to this. I patch test...
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    My very first Thread on Eyelash Extensions!

    I wanted to bring up a few very good questions by some of the board members on another EE board I belong to and thought it would be a good to share it with all you lashers. A member's question was How she can get her fills to look as nice as her full sets Another questioned How she can...